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    Delage D12

    7.6 liter normally aspirated in-house V12 engine, 8 speed single clutch automatic transmission with electric motor. 820KW, 1400Kg. Tandem 2 seater. Maximum of 30 to be produced. 2 have already been pre-sold!
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    Microsoft Teams now available for Linux
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    Microsoft to release Edge for Linux in 2020

    Just past 8min 20sec - 'State of the Browser' session at Ignite Conference 2019:
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    GitHub blocking developers from US sanctioned countries

    Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Syria currently listed:
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    Shadow Warrior 2 - Free on GOG for a limited time

    Get it here:
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    DRM-free classics - Free on GOG for a limited time

    Shadow Warrior Classic Complete, Stargunner, Bio Menace and Tyrian 2000: