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    Good PC Repair shop in Randburg/Roodepoort area.

    My CPU has recently started overheating due to some thermal issue with my H100i. I don't have time to troubleshoot what's going on so I just want to take it in and have someone check it out for me. What shops are good to help out with this?
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    Is this a faulty panel? Weird artefact.

    Laptop screen has this weird mark. Anyone seen something like this?
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    Switching between ISPs. Vumatel

    What has the experience been to switch between ISPs? Any downtime? Specifically did anyone switch from CISP to Rocketnet?
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    What is this? Some sort of cell tower?

    I've seen these going up in a few neighborhoods, what is it?
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    Recommend a Good UPS

    I need to get a UPS since the power trips now and then with the summer rains. I only need it to last about 5-10 min. I will run my 22" LCD and my computer of it. Which brands are good or will a 600VA Mecer for R400 do? APC looks nice: BK650-AS APC Back-Ups CS 650VA UPS
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    My Telkom/Hellkom experience so far!#$

    Sorry that this post is so long but I had to vent... :D On the 2nd of July I called Telkom to request a line transfer since I would be moving to a new house at the end of August. The lady I spoke to was very friendly and helpful and she informed me that a line transfer would take about 6 weeks...