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    Centurion Micro Electronics -

    I came accross these guys: Have anybody used them? They have some good prices.
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    Hey Afrihost, why is your support agent's so crap?

    @Afrihost-Gian @AfriGuy @AfriNatic I've been struggling with international download speeds for a while now. Fist it was about 3 Weeks ago and was sorted after 4 days, now again since Thursday again. Even though I show the agents that: 1. Local upload and download is fine. 2. International...
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    Does anyone know if is a reputablem to site to buy from?
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    Asus Motherboard M5A97 Replacement

    My kid has a pc with an old M5A97 board in. I want to replace the board and cpu with something newer and hopefulle still be able to use the DDR3 Ram and case. Is there any suggestions for a motherboard with roughly the same physical size? I have been out of the hardware scene for quite some...
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    Cool ideas / Supersonic / Afrihost on Vumatel

    I am moving to an area that only has Vumatel and I am looking at one of the following ISP's: Cool ideas / Supersonic / Afrihost It's based on price and the ratings from the April best and worst ISP's article but now I see people are complaining about supersonic. Any recommendations between them?
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    Zigbee Range Extender

    Hi I have a bunch of Xiaomi zigbee devices connected to Home Assistant using a CC2531 usb adapter. I would like to extend the range of my Zigbee devices so I was hoping one of you smart guys can give me some reccomendations of something I can preferrably source locally. Thanks
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    Samsung Smart View to MiBox 4

    Hi A little while ago I did a Software update on MiBox 4. Since then I can not cast to my MiBox using Samsung Smart View. Google Cast from my PC still works. I have tried to clear the data and cache on both my phone and MiBox. Have anyone else had this problem?
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    SA Streams Quality

    I've seen some people on here use SA Stream. Can someone tell me how well does it work and what kind of line speed do you need to stream in HD? Thanks
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    Samsung Gear VR SM-R323 and S10+

    Hi Can anyone tell me if the Gear VR SM-R323 will work with a Samsung S10+? I can't find anything specific on the net and on the S10 site they say S10+ is compatible with the Gear VR but they do not list models. Thanks
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    ADSL Line Down, what can I do?

    Ok, so my ADSL line has been down since yesterday morning (Thats when I noticed it) So I tried to log into both my Afrihost and WebAfrica accounts but the same thing happens. The DSL LED on my Mega 105WR router comes on but the Internet LED stays off. First I phoned Telkom support, they...
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    myADSL World Pro 20

    ok, I've created a league for us, all welcome except chezoid! :D Name of league is: myADSL World Pro 20