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    HD PVR Advice

    Hi I'm moving into my new house in the next two weeks. I need some honest advice regarding HD PVR. Currently I have the single view DTSV decoder. I am considering getting a HD PVR installed. Is it worth it? I plan on making use of the Xtraview features if I purchase the HD PVR. From...
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    PS3 Software Update

    Hi I recently purchased a PS3. I have had so much fun playing Assasin's Creed this weekend. My question is as follows; I connected the console via WiFi to my router and immediately there it wanted to download an update for the PS3. Ver 3.0 i think. I did not go ahead ans download it...
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    PS3 Console - Backward compatability

    Hi I read recently that Sony will be releasing a PS3 that will be able to play PS2 games. I know the very first version in SA was but that was changed. Any ideas or was that a bogus article? Regards L
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    Seacom Question and infrastructure

    Hi Something I'm not clear on regarding broadband. Seacom has brought additional broadband to RSA. Thats cool but in my eyes its a cable that landed on some beach. How exactly is this broadband going to reach everyone? The local network infrastructure is controlled by who? (Telkom) I...
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    Tax return - eFiling

    Hi Has anyone completed their tax return online? Where does one get a main income source code from? What do I do if i find my return make reference to a code (3695 - Annual payments) and my IRP5 does not have this code. The return has no value against this code by the way. Any help...
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    WiFi - Laptop and router

    Hi I hope someone can help out with this problem. I have a Dell Latitude D830 laptop which is WiFi enabled. At home i make use of the Telkom router Bilion [model number i can not remember]. When connecting to the router using WiFi, I get disconnected. The WiFi indicator on the laptop...
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    Online Traffic Fine Checks

    Hi Does anyone know of a website that I can check to see if I have any outstanding traffic fines? Thanks L