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  1. ands45

    Issue installing Project Pro for Office 365 with Office 2013 installed

    Hi Everyone I am hoping someone can assist or advise on what options I have. I have MS Office 2013 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) installed on my computer (licensed with product key) and have just purchased project pro for office 365. I am now getting an error that they are not compatible and...
  2. ands45

    Skype Online Number query

    Hi I currently have a telkom phone line for my business and am looking at trying out a skype online number as this would suit my needs better. I do not want to loose/change my current phone number so I was thinking I would just forward all the calls to my new skype number. I am just...
  3. ands45

    Vodacom Contract Blackberry 8520 broken

    I had my Blackberry only for a couple of months when the screen suddenly started having stripes across it. I did not drop it and the LCD wasn't cracked. The phone was still in perfect condition otherwise without a scratch on it. So I took it in and it has taken over a month for Vodacom to get...
  4. ands45

    Poor support from Webafrica

    Two weeks ago the company that I work for had problems with receiving of mail, which was a major hindrance on our business. After numerous calls to Webafrica, and each time getting told that there is a problem with their email servers and being ensured that the emails would come through (which...