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  1. Insint

    Plane with 164 aboard just 30m from midair collision at King Phalo Airport

    Glad it was just a near miss. I hope the student will go and learn how to determine what left and right is. It not hard to learn.
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    U.S. to Open Air Travel to Most Vaccinated Foreign Passengers

    You did not reply with a valid good source that proofs your point. You are a big fat troll.
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    UCT considering mandatory Covid-19 vaccination policy for students, staff

    I don't know of cases where being fat can make other people sick and cause them to die. Maybe if the fatty fell on a person, but I think covid will kill a couple of thousand before the fatty will kill somebody. It makes sense to force people to be vaccinated in a University. There is a much...
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    The Official Xiaomi Thread

    I bought mine from them. I did not have any issues. Delivery was within 2 days.
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    A farm in the US that hired only white South Africans is being sued by black locals

    African Americans are unhappy because Africans in America are getting jobs... :unsure:
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    Matrix 4 gets a release date

    I was so excited about this. I wanted to watch Matrix 4 and John Wick 4 on the same day. Then the Covid thing happened...
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    J&J vaccine reduces chance of getting Covid-19 infection by half - SA study

    I can say that a lot of regulations exist for a small percentage of people dying. @ShaunSA makes an excellent point. Why are people not making regulations for fat people? Probably because they are more often using drugs to keep them alive and this means money for the rich.
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    J&J vaccine reduces chance of getting Covid-19 infection by half - SA study

    I have to agree with you. It does not make sense that the covid vaccine should be mandatory but the fat ****s can live the way they want. There should be regulations and fines for fat ****s too. I am also a fat f****r. Actually, I was losing a good amount of weight each month and then the...
  9. Insint

    J&J vaccine reduces chance of getting Covid-19 infection by half - SA study

    I don't agree with this. History has shown that wearing a safety belt in a car reduces the risk of death. This is why people are forced to wear a safety belt. The same can be said for why second story buildings have guard rails, near edges. It's all reducing the risk of death. Studies are...
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    Xiaomi is bracing to take on Samsung and Huawei in SA

    I don't have any issues. All ads that is in their apps can easily be disables by going to the app settings. Just Google it. I have personally seen very little ads but when I do it gets disabled.
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    Convincing anti-vaxxers to get shot - Ben Travato

    I am perfectly happy with people not getting the vaccine as long as they decide to stay at home while struggling to breathe and not fill the hospitals because most people don't die of covid. The hospital was functioning perfectly normal during the peak of the waves. They were not even aware...
  12. Insint

    Having SARS-CoV-2 once confers much greater immunity than a vaccine but no infection parties, please

    That's an easy question. Hospitals are getting overwhelmed by people not vaccinated. I know the delta is also putting people in the hospital but the numbers are far less than they would have been if nobody was already vaccinated. Hospitals are required for many other things than covid so we...
  13. Insint

    Having SARS-CoV-2 once confers much greater immunity than a vaccine but no infection parties, please

    The vaccines ability to help make the disease less transmittable is a secondary reason to get a vaccine. The primary reason to get the vaccine is to decrease the risk of death and to ensure less serious symptoms. The vaccine is doing a great job. I am also not convinced that covid will mutate...
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    The Cov-Idiots Thread (Morons Of The Corona Pandemic)

    This is very sad. He will never see his four children grow up due to his own stupidity. I would imagine a father would want to do everything to see his children grow up. :crying:
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    How I experience the web today

    Jip, this is spot on. Brave Browser cleaned it up a bit by removing most ads for me. I hate the allow notifications for this site pop up. It's all very distracting. The ads on youtube are also now extremely annoying. It was always acceptable and I left it on because I wanted to support...
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    vaccination side affects

    Yesterday at about 15:00 I was feeling ill and cold. I was pretty much useless and unproductive at work at that stage. At home I went straight to bed. I ended up taking 2 Panados and by 22:00 I was back to normal. Today I feel normal and my arm is only a tiny little bit sore. Overall the...
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    vaccination side affects

    My only reason is that I am lazy. :ROFL: One shot and I am done for now.
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    vaccination side affects

    I received the J&J vaccine yesterday. My body is feeling a bit sore today and my arm is sore but it's not too bad.
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    Brave FTW