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  1. raind33r

    Best phone for around 6k cash? Recommendations please.

    Looks like I'm confined to either Huawei P30 lite or Samsung A50 :unsure:
  2. raind33r

    Advice needed: Digital billboard for sports club

    I want to put together a digital billboard (indoor use) for advertising of club sponsors, club events etc. Sort of the same type thing as seen in PnP checkouts. Cheapish LCD screen & raspberri Pi ? Other thoughts on this please...
  3. raind33r

    MTN can't block spam sms? really?

    Keep receiving message that money was transferred into my Nedbank account - which I don't have ;) I should phone 0860..... blah blah blah usual scam story. So I did the online chat thing with MTN support. Tells me they can only do a global block to my number. Really?:wtf: Sounds like BS...
  4. raind33r

    Good deal on Aveo 1.6 L Sedan ?

    The SO saw this deal - Aveo 1.6 L sedan for R113 000 usually R136 000 It's got ABS, Aircon, Airbags central locking and Alarm immobiliser What it doesn't have is not really deal breakers imo.. electric windows (don't care), alloy wheels(can buy later), sound system(will buy own) I...
  5. raind33r

    How Nigeria may save BlackBerry

    Interesting article.. Would seem US opinion is what matters not the actual sales figures. Go figure :sick:
  6. raind33r

    School boy headbutts ref

    WTF! Anyone seen this sheit? Surprised it's not on MYBB. Got 10 year ban - 7 suspended, so effectively 3 year ban from all rugby. Apparently the punishment was less severe because of extenuating circumstances, namely the fact that it was the boy's first offence, and secondly that his mother...
  7. raind33r

    Symbian Belle available via Nokia suite, maybe OTA as well

    BB, iPhone and Droid fanboys - go away Anyone still on Anna? Plugged in my phone on pc to charge via usb and got the notification :D