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  1. Jiggy

    Fixing a faulty UPS

    hi Guys i have a UPS that i would like to fix, im a hands on type of guy and i just need someone with electronic experience to guide me. i have a Mecer 1000VAc UPS, i when disconnected from 220v and running on battery backup - outputs 220V - no issue when connected to 220v and switched off ...
  2. Jiggy

    Renualt Stepway Towbar

    does anyone know where i can get a towbar fitted for my stepway at a reasonable price? I have tried the well known brands and either they dont do them or im looking at R4500 upwards. we fitted a towvar to my inlaws i20 and that was R2500 - thats acceptable, R4500 is madness
  3. Jiggy

    Vodacom Shakeup summer - Shaw Academy

    Can someone please help me or at least clarify how it works, but I PERSONALLY THINK what they have done is wrong ( I could be wrong) One of Vodacoms shakeup prizes is a 4 week course with Shaw academy - great! I went over to Shaw academy and they give you a four week course when you sign up...