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  1. Mux

    [S] Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen

    Item name: Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen Age and condition: Brand New , opened box to confirm contents Do you include packaging: Yes, Original Box Warranty: Yes/No Yes, comes with Amazon warranty Reason for selling: will never use it , won it on myBB competition. and have no use for it. Price: R750...
  2. Mux

    ASUS rt ac68u - good/no-good - what is the view out there

    I am getting fiber soon - eta Aug 2019 and prefer to have my own router rather than the "free to use" routers which makes changing ISP's a schlep. I am looking at the asus-rt-ac68u. What is the 1st hand experience out there? Any specific reason I should go for the ISP's "free router"?
  3. Mux

    GPS Data Logger for camera

    I am interested in buying one of those GPS Data Logger to map digital photos taken to a location. Anyone out there that made use of it? Some sample links: RoyalTek RGM-3800, GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr and Sony GPS Unit Kit GPS-CS1KA