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  1. Geoff.D

    Another Anti-parasitic Drug Trial starts in SA.

    South Africa takes part in anti-parasitic drug trial – to test a possible Covid-19 treatment Now let the anti-everything...
  2. Geoff.D

    SMS only packages for Alarm systems.

    Hi. Anyone know of a SMS only contract that is available, any network? MTN in their wisdom terminated the one we had for my moms emergency alarm system at end august and converted it to a airtime contract, basically making the entire system useless. Alternatively, what could on replace it with...
  3. Geoff.D

    The EVDS Systemis Broken: and you cant complain about it either!

    Here is an example of what you get back (email) if you lodge a complaint about the failure of the EVDS system: Thre are two links activeted, on for the ccomplaint number alloctaed and one to an online tcket status, BOTH of which FAIL when accessed. Not even the error reporting system is...
  4. Geoff.D

    What is that "stuff" Battery places and service centres spray on to battery terminals

    Does anyone know what battery places and service centres spray on to battery terminals? Red and blue. Is it a special anti-corrosion/acid compound or is it just spray paint?
  5. Geoff.D

    Wanted: Core Drill bit 110 mm diameter

    Item: Core drill bit 110 mm diameter Packaging: not essential Age and Condition: Any age any condition Location: Pretoria East Shipping: Will accept. Looking for used/damaged worn out core drill bit used for cutting a 110 mm hole
  6. Geoff.D

    What Medicines are prescribed to Covid 19 patients?

    My second cousin, who has contracted Covid 19. These are the medicines prescribed for her apart from the normal pain medication. Sandoz-Theophyll - 200 60 --- one tab twice a day. Budoneb 0,5 mg/l -- 3 times a day. She was told the drugs prescribed are because she had previously been treated...
  7. Geoff.D

    Why would one and only one web address not resolve?

    For years I have had this problem on my laptop, in only one location and only on Telkom ISP served by Openserve. If travel to CT and connect there with the exact same laptop on a mobile network I have no issues with that one website. If I connect at home on the same location to a mobile network...
  8. Geoff.D

    Web scraping software/apps/extension recommendations.

    Hi guys looking forcwebscraping solutions that can be used with MS Edge or Chrome. Any ideas please, preferably free one as this is not for intensive commercial business use.
  9. Geoff.D

    Security Encryption Standards TKIP & AES

    Hi guys. I have been confronted with numerous issues keeping older printers ( mostly HP printers) working when people migrate or upgrade alternative OS's or upgrades to their OS's. The Issue seems to be that older printers just simply stop communicating with networks, routers, even direct...
  10. Geoff.D

    Hard-hitting article on SA's response to Covid-19

    This biznews article refers: Would be interesting to read views on the contents. There are 10 myths listed, each one is either supported or not. Some have been shown to be accurate, others are not supported by facts and...
  11. Geoff.D

    Oxygen Requirements Statistics: Open to Interpretation and thus Inaccuracies

    I have done some research into how the Oxygen Requirements' statistics are collected and reported after noticing a few times how these statistics inexplicably change from one report to the next. Starting with the information on the NICD website, and looking at the definitions of the categories...
  12. Geoff.D

    Testing for Covid 19: An unanswered puzzle.

    Here is a question for the resident medical experts on the forum. If the virus can be found in sewerage waste water, why is there not already a simple urine test available for identifying the virus in a patient? Or is the idea just so obvious that no one has even bothered to look?
  13. Geoff.D

    Credible Covid 19 Sources in SA

    One of the issues we have about Covid 19 in SA has been to try and find sources of information that are not influenced by all sorts of Agendas and political interference. One such site is the NICD site: Here at least, the facts are presented clinically and objectively...
  14. Geoff.D

    Attaching Photos and videos from WhatsApp -- How To?

    Hi, How does one go about attaching a photo or a video from WhatsApp Source please anyone?
  15. Geoff.D

    No Liquor Sales - But TV adverts for Booze Continue as Normal

    The Title says it all. Seems to me that the Broadcast and Advertising industry are failing miserably to make a contribution during these times and dropping all adverts for liquor would be a pretty good contribution.
  16. Geoff.D

    MTN Mobile network down?

    Anyone experiencing huge issues with MTNs mobile telephone network at the moment?
  17. Geoff.D

    Covid-19 and its effect on Load Shedding

    So it seems that even unplanned power generation shutdowns is also being limited by the regulations? Anyone know why LS appears to also have gone into isolation? Has the demand for power dropped so much as a result of the economic slowdown? Or, is it because those that cause the unplanned shut...
  18. Geoff.D

    ELectricity Generation and Consumed in SA. The real Story.

    I have started this thread to be able to post links to the facts available, not the spin generated by Eskom and the Government and vested interests. Please use this thread only for its intended purpose. All contributions about credible facts are welcome. So to start, here is a publication...
  19. Geoff.D

    Why Killing off Copper may not be such a Great Idea

    See this link for some interesting reading: Courtesy of a well-known forum member.
  20. Geoff.D

    COP25: December Conference Fails COP25: UN Climate change conference fails to address key climate issues, all you need to know! COP 25: The extended UN Climate Change talks concluded on a...