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  1. zulucat

    [Sale] Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128Gb - cracked screen

    Cracker of a deal
  2. zulucat

    Have as many as 10 children, the state will feed them — Julius Malema

    What a dumb fvck... Retarded to the core
  3. zulucat

    Transracialism: UK Teachers Union Members Allowed to Self-Identify as Black

    The line between fact and fiction is thinning daily.
  4. zulucat

    Can you go 24 hours without touching smart tech?

    I have kids everywhere - I need to be reachable at all times.
  5. zulucat

    DA makes U-turn on golf courses for housing in Cape Town

    Who cares about JZ or Botha... What I can tell you is DA won't be winning any elections anytime soon with this kind of leadership at the helm... Mike Waters has seen the writing on the wall and resigned
  6. zulucat

    Hijacking suspect shoots himself in head after being cornered by cops on N2

    He won't do it again... That's for sure :ROFL:
  7. zulucat

    Pietermaritzburg homeowner charged with murder of a suspected intruder

    As we learned from the Oscar Prestorius trial. You can't just shoot your girlfriend... I mean an intruder... Don't be dumb. You will end up in jail! Or worst, you could kill your own family member.
  8. zulucat

    DA makes U-turn on golf courses for housing in Cape Town

    Should change its name to FFP... flip flopping party... Absolute k@k for leadership, spineless bunch . I thought Mmusi was the problem...
  9. zulucat

    Cell C is truly a clusterfck of a company

    Stop being a d!ck and maybe people will help you out, you sound like a pompous bozzo who deserves that kind of treatment... And worst....
  10. zulucat

    Vodacom and MTN's advertising battle

    The absurdity of it all. What was MTN thinking. :ROFL:
  11. zulucat

    Some South Africans are having their cars ‘repossessed’ in shopping malls – what you should know

    Going to the mall in a Beemer... Coming back in an Uber :ROFL: :ROFL:
  12. zulucat

    Restrictions On The Unvaccinated

    Soon there will be no place to go for the anti vaxxers... Society must shun them for the dunderheads that they are.
  13. zulucat

    ANC promises 150 000 jobs for Joburg residents on its first day in office

    That's why I'd never be a politician... It would be hard to make this promise without laughing
  14. zulucat

    Ematic 4K (Ultra HD) Android TV Box

    I apologize Dude.
  15. zulucat

    Ematic 4K (Ultra HD) Android TV Box

    Wives have us by the balls... She knows I can do it... But I wouldn't dare :ROFL:
  16. zulucat

    Ematic 4K (Ultra HD) Android TV Box

    Don't tempt me... I'm this close...
  17. zulucat

    Ematic 4K (Ultra HD) Android TV Box

    I'm retracting the sale. Wife doesn't want me to sell. I am so sorry to all interested. My bad.
  18. zulucat

    Ematic 4K (Ultra HD) Android TV Box

    Item: Ematic 4K (Ultra HD) Android TV Box Age: Almost 3 years Price: R750 Payment Method Accepted: CASH or EFT Warranty: Expired - but I bought it at Matrix Warehouse in Centurion - I MIGHT have a POP for it, but don't count on it Packaging: Original box Condition: It is good, the two-pin power...
  19. zulucat

    iPhone 13 discussions

    I do not need it - but I want it :ROFL:
  20. zulucat

    The DA is in total crisis.

    The DA will fair far worse than previous elections, and they only have themselves to blame. Couldn't anyone, even with half a braincell, have foreseen the sheit storm that the posters would cause? Now the JHB Mayoral Candidate is breaking rank, and I will not be surprised if she is shafted...