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  1. antowan

    Some Monday perspective

    The scientists leading our SARS-CoV2 response are world-renowned for their research in the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Which country on earth has the most HIV infected people on the planet?
  2. antowan

    Full lock down might be coming back

    My calculated guestimate is that full lockdown will come back in effect by 15 May 2020. Probably before 8th of May 2020. See thread reply #36 for the reasons.
  3. antowan

    My prediction regarding schools reopening and when the crisis will be over for SA

    According to my calculations, which can be wrong, the following is currently valid for SA until new data reveals something different. 1. Schools are unlikely to open before September 2020. 2. Schools will reopen when the virus cannot overrun hospitals anymore. It is expected to happen around...
  4. antowan

    Gauteng will be closed. The question is when?

    I think the province will be the first to be completely shuttered. I think it will be sometime soon. Maybe around the end of March or beginning of April. Opinions? I also think a national State Of Emergency will be declared around the same time.
  5. antowan

    Telkom LTE and mail server IP not resolving

    Anybody have issues like this yesterday and today? Telkom LTE and mail server IP not resolving
  6. antowan

    Mozilla Thunderbird blank print preview error and one way to fix it

    If you use Mozilla Thunderbird and you get blank print previews for emails and obviously blank printout of sometimes many pages with nothing at all on them, here is how I fixed a client computer via the Thunderbird CONFIG EDITOR Click on TOOLS >> OPTIONS >> ADVANCED >> GENERAL >> CONFIG...
  7. antowan

    Facebook LIVE seems to be open to everybody in South Africa. :D

    Facebook LIVE seems to be open to everybody in South Africa. :D Has it?
  8. antowan

    Lenovo R50-80 notebook and Windows 10 media driver issue

    Hi guys, I have a problem and I cannot figure it out. It is a Lenovo R50-80 notebook and Windows 10 media driver issue during installation. It asks for a driver but I cannot figure out which one it is. I have tried the usual suspects, AHCI etc. but nothing moves it forward. Anybody...
  9. antowan

    Dell Vostro 3550 bios recovery / rescue solution

    Hi guys, Bricked Dell Vostro 3550. Machine was acting weird before a failed BIOS FLASH. All online solutions for other Dell notebook models come up empty when tried on this model. Lots of confusing info out there. I did manage to extract the ROM and HDR files from a new BIOS...
  10. antowan

    Cheap VDSL modem

    I need to find a cheap VDSL modem to test on client lines. Most I can find I know for a fact are not suitable for South African flavour of VDSL. For instance ASUS vdsl capable modems and routers tend to bomb out, which is a shame because the hardware itself is brilliant. What is available...
  11. antowan

    Is Zuma going blind?

    There is about 30 words per page in his SONA speech... Check it out... on A4... this is what it probably looked like...
  12. antowan

    Wine tasting: Junk Science It is an interesting read...
  13. antowan

    NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 Tri-Band WiFi Router If it works like it looks... WOW!!!
  14. antowan

    Economic View: White Farmers Are Not Land Thieves
  15. antowan

    Gas regulator rubber pol. Where to buy in Pretoria East?

    Elo I have a gas regulator for a gas heater that has a black rubber tip or rubber pol as it is known that needs replacement before I use the heater again. Anybody know where I can buy it in Pretoria East or surrounds? I left it disconnected since last winter and for some reason these things...
  16. antowan

    Is OSCAR PISTORIUS guilty or innocent? With what you know so far what is your view?

    Is OSCAR PISTORIUS guilty or innocent? With what you know so far what is your view? Note the multiple answer poll...
  17. antowan

    What mouse is this?

  18. antowan

    The Rand is getting ripped a new one against major currencies...

    At time of posting: Rand/$ 11.05 Johannesburg - The rand weakened more than 1% to the psychologically key R11/$ level on Thursday, its lowest since October 2008 when R49bn of capital was pulled out of the economy. On...
  19. antowan

    Mandela film not doing well outside South Africa The Nelson Mandela biopic “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom” has failed to find a broad audience or generate the awards traction that many observers foresaw prior to its release in early December. The...
  20. antowan

    Dennis Rodman had a complete meltdown on CNN Dennis Rodman lashed out at CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Tuesday morning after the CNN host questioned his friendship with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and his exhibition basketball game in the...