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  1. redarrow

    What do you look for in a phone?

    Agree with this.. My current phone is the iPhone SE (the older one), I only picked it because of it's smallish size. Don't really care anymore whether it's Android or IOS or whatever, but it needs to be able to fit comfortably in my pocket and still be reasonably capable and run the basic stuff...
  2. redarrow

    The official supersonic R999 Uncapped feedback!

    Oh yea, here's a current speedtest:
  3. redarrow

    The official supersonic R999 Uncapped feedback!

    I signed up to Supersonic recently, finally decided it was time to abandon my ADSL line as it's constantly giving problems and lately Telkom just makes excuses when I log faults. So I signed up for the cheapest Supersonic package (60GB) just to test it.. Took them almost two weeks to deliver...
  4. redarrow

    TAX practitioner familiar with Turnover tax?

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a tax practitioner who is definitely familiar with turnover tax? I have been registered as a Turnover tax payer since the 2016 period, it's supposed to be really simple but no one at SARS seems to know how it works at all. I just got an IT34 assessment claiming I owe...
  5. redarrow

    Do you pay for a TV license?

    No, I don't now nor have I ever owned a TV so it's never been a consideration. Some clown did once use my cell number when signing up for a TV license and for a while I got plagued with calls from some law firm wanting me to pay my license, they eventually removed my number though.
  6. redarrow

    Which TV series are you currently watching?

    House. Just about to start the last season though, nothing else really lined up at the moment.
  7. redarrow

    Port Elizabeth is getting a name change – here are three popular options

    I-Bhayi or Nelson Mandela City wouldn't be too bad as most people can probably figure out it means PE even if they didn't know PE had been renamed. As for renaming the airport it's honestly the biggest waste of time, everyone just calls it "the airport", they can call it what they like, people...
  8. redarrow

    How much coffee do you drink?

    Almost always one in the morning, usually around 07:00 and again in the late afternoon around 17:00. Most days also one at midmorning ~ 10:00 depending on whether it's convenient or not. So typically 3, but fairly often only 2. Extremely rarely only 1 or none, about as often as when I might have...
  9. redarrow

    What is the most important thing you look for when selecting a fibre ISP?

    One that actually exists in my area would be my starting point, as yet non meet that minimum requirement. :p
  10. redarrow

    Have you been a victim of crime?

    In the last year no. Last time was many years ago, my phone, a "Sony Xperia X10 mini pro" was stolen, must've been around 2011 or so, can't remember exactly.
  11. redarrow

    Test your broadband speed, rate your ISP, win great prizes worth R5,000

    ISP: Vox Telecom Ping: 69ms Download: 4.79Mbps Upload: 0.78Mbps
  12. redarrow

    If you can drive any car, what would it be?

    If I had that kind of money I'd rather buy a plane, but if it comes to cars then I've always been a fan of Lamborghini.
  13. redarrow

    Your top 3 TV series of all time

    Hard to pick just 3, but I guess: Star Trek: The Next Generation Babylon 5 Lost Some honorable mentions: Futurama Stargate SG1 Agatha Christie's Poirot Red Dwarf A series of unfortunate events Stranger Things Star Trek: Voyager Airwolf Knight Rider (the original, not the remade crud).
  14. redarrow

    MyBroadband Security Challenge Winners – 2 September 2019

    Interesting, never noticed that. :)
  15. redarrow

    MyBroadband Security Challenge Winners – 2 September 2019

    Seeing as some have asked and it's over now, I'm sure we can post the answers, so here goes, in a spoiler tag in case anyone doesn't wanna see them:
  16. redarrow

    Takealot CEO says it will be profitable in 2 years

    All that but they can't make a proper search function and/or keep individual products in their proper categories..
  17. redarrow

    Do you like your current job?

    Guess I could've been a bit more clear, I'm referring to long distance (domestic) travel and being away from home. Meetings as such aren't much of a thing for me either, or at least not in the formal sense most people mean it.
  18. redarrow

    MyBroadband Security Challenge – Win prizes worth R5,000

    Yea that was kinda annoying. Would've also helped if it just accepted normal keyboard input...
  19. redarrow

    Do you like your current job?

    Self-employed so not really a job per se. I enjoy my work. Has it's ups and downs like most I guess. Worst part is all the traveling. On the plus side I don't have a daily commute like most people and almost never sit in traffic. :p