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    Things that irritate you - Part 2

    Hayfever ... it's stuffing me up big time. I sneeze multiple times every couple of minutes and my eyes are irritated and my nose is blocked. I live next to fields and fields of wild flowers.
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    I think I just nailed a good chicken soup recipe.

    My original post is ... was a work in progress. Has been heavily edited. Mirapoix is of course simply: Finely chopped onions, carrots and celery.
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    I think I just nailed a good chicken soup recipe.

    Let me tell you ... it's addictively delicious. I'm drinking the soup like I do brandy and coke .... in copious quantities. I think the key is a good mirepoix. I must confess I have until recently not been a huge fan of celery. It has just too sharp and pungent of a taste ... but if properly...
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    What interest rates are you paying on bond and car?

    Bond: 5.95 Reason ... high deposit.
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    Pastel (Pervasive) Error 16 - Networking error

    Hi, at work I've got 2 PC's that run Pastel. One taps into the other one via a mapped network drive. The "server" works fine. The network connection between the two is fine. I can access all the files through the network drive. The remote one has perfect access to all other resources on the...
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    How long does it take to sell SATRIX shares.

    How long does it take to sell your some Satrix shares and receive the money in your normal bank account? I have a registered online account and I know about the selling function. I would just like to know how long I can expect to wait for the cash in my bank account.
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    Magnitude 4.3 earthquake rocks Gauteng

    Gauteng... You fear to go into those gold mines. The miners delved too greedily and too deep. You know what they awoke in the darkness ... shadow and flame.
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    Amphibious Assault Ship USS Bonhomme Richard Is On Fire At Naval Base San Diego

    The sailor that started the fire probably didn't like the name of the ship so he decided to burn it down.
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    Are you currently sick with COVID-19?

    Received the SMS this morning. Covid-19 was DETECTED. Shtt. And I've been so careful lately.
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    Father and son in KZN Midlands double plane crash

    I don't have a clue what happened. Would someone please explain it to me in simple American English.
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    Quade Cooper denied Australian citizenship despite representing the country 70 times. This is a ****ing joke. I can understand why Australia is very strict regarding the influx of everything from alien plants and animals to foreigners ... but FFS this is someone who hasn't just...
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    Have you broken any lockdown regulations?

    Curfew I once went to a braai (6 people) a couple of streets down in my neighbourhood. The braaier (me) did a kak job and we ended up eating 30 minutes late.
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    Coca-Cola lost $4 billion in market value after soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo suggested people drink water instead

    Well, Coca-Cola is poison. The sugar is killing us slowly, yet deliberately. Unfortunately Brandy and Coca-cola is so damn lekker. Yes-yes, the brandy also contributes to ****ing up your liver.
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    UJ appoints 25-year-old Bhaso Ndzendze as head of department of politics and international relations

    @ Cosmic Debris ... you did give me a like for my previous post but I do have a bone to pick with you. You diss social sciences as if it's the scum of the earth and you fail to understand that social sciences aren't just "opinion". There are a legion of research methods, including statistical...
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    UJ appoints 25-year-old Bhaso Ndzendze as head of department of politics and international relations

    At last cguy gave his take on the subject. Regardless of his view on Politicial Science as an academic field (I don't know what it is), he is giving the necessary perspective that few people on this forum have.
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    Shaleen Surtie-Richards has died

    Sorry ... WHAT?!?
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    Should primary schools resume normal daily attendance?

    ~Ah **** it. My parents are getting vaccinated tomorrow. So **** this social distancing crap and lets spittle in each faces again.~
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    Should primary schools resume normal daily attendance?

    My parents, whom I often see, are elderly. I don't want to risk it.