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  1. Rickster

    How to RDP to a VM over the internet.

    Hi all, im a bit stumped with this issue, ive followed all the steps that i know of to get this working to no avail. In VM ware i tried all the network options like bridge etc. In router ive forwarded the port -> 5000 Changed the RDP port in the VM to 5000 Enabled remote...
  2. Rickster

    Ubiquiti Unifi Help Thread

    A lot of threads all over the place relating to Unifi on myBB, so here is hopefully a mega thread we can use for all issues. I'll start, ok I got a Unifi AP connected to a normal router, everything is fine but my brother says that his xbox keeps switching between moderate and open NAT. On the...
  3. Rickster

    Does MTN provide LTE-A with carrier aggregation?

    As per title, thanks.
  4. Rickster

    MTN unrestricted APN (MTNVPN)

    Hi, does anyone know how to get the MTN unrestricted to work? Client has a CCTV setup and want to view it on his phone but its being blocked by the APN at their office, MTN says they no longer support the unrestricted APN which I find hard to believe as many still use it for cases like this...
  5. Rickster

    Trying to remember a place I visited long ago in CT.

    So when I was a youngster my parents took me to a place in CT, or I think it was CT, must have been late 90's or early 2000's. All i can remember is that it was some kind of science exhibit, it had a large piano (with touch sensitive keys, had a light on the end of it, nothing mechanical) that...
  6. Rickster

    Major Windows 10 Update bugs thread

    Issue: Certain printing causes BSOD with stop code APC INDEX MISMATCH BSOD win32kfull.sys Identifier: Update KB5000802 was recently installed. Temp solution, uninstall KB5000802. Just a heads up as the update was released a few days ago, MS has already nuked the update. Queue the support...
  7. Rickster

    AP Antenna orientation on wall.

    So I was just wondering is this the right way to orientate the antennas for wall mounting? Cheers.
  8. Rickster

    In the market for a decent AP w/MIMO-MU support.

    I think my current AP just isnt cut out for the amount of load that we put on it, if I stream a movie or something it freaks out and latency gets bad even when said stream has stopped, we need to reboot it to get it to normal. We mainly use 2.4G band with hardly any neighboring AP's so its not...
  9. Rickster

    WhatsApp taking landscape pictures upside down. (bug?)

    Before you tell me to get off WhatsApp and move to Telegram/Signal im going to stop you dead in your tracks, no. So as the title suggests, when taking landscape pics to send to someone it comes out upside down, in normal camera its fine. I can replicate this issue on my Huawei P20 and my moms...
  10. Rickster

    Horizon Zero Dawn (PC) thoughs?

    Heard many great things about this game on PS4 but when it was released on Steam people said it was a horrible port. Its been a while now, is it perfect, better or still unoptimized?
  11. Rickster

    Official Google Play Store apps differ from Huawei App Gallery.

    So just a quick question, my App Gallery on my Huawei phone is saying there are 2 updates for my installed apps namely FNB and VLC. But on Google Play there are no updates for these apps. Whats gives?
  12. Rickster

    Irritating feature/bug in G Chome.

    Anyone else noticed this? Everytime i do a google search for something and click on a link it opens a new tab to that link, but only happens in a Google search and not EG clicking a link on myBB.
  13. Rickster

    Who to contact when domain/IP providers ignore abuse emails?

    @Jade @ Absolute Hosting (Wayne) So ive been getting some RDP brute force attacks to my home PC from Russia etc, ive looked up the abuse contact email address and shot them an email saying their IP has been trying to hack in my system, please do something about it. But they seem...
  14. Rickster

    How do i get a refund for something bought in another province?

    TLDR, bought some vape juice (full authentic price) in a shop while i was out of town. Asked the guy is it legit, he says yes no problem. Got home and popped it in, tastes like kak. Go to manufacturers website where they tell you how to spot a fake, mine is clearly the same as the one marked...
  15. Rickster

    Are these tower installers BS'ing me?

    So we had a company come to our place to talk about putting up a cell tower in our property. All is fine except when questioned about where they are getting the backhaul for the tower because there isnt fibre in that suburb yet they said they not using any backhaul. So now im confused, are...
  16. Rickster

    Telkom landline nuisance call every morning.

    Does anyone know how Telkom can block or give me info of a number that calls us every morning? We answer and no one is on the other end, its possible that its a bugged automated message or it could be a robber trying to find a time that we are out. I phoned telkom and they say that they can't...
  17. Rickster

    Android Box implementation into our Home Theater.

    Copy Pasta from the AVforums to get more coverage: Im looking for a solution to my A/V setup, its going to be a bit complex but I'll keep it as simple as possible. Ok, we currently have a old Pioneer VSX-D512-S, which is working perfectly but we are going to be adding an Android Box, this amp...
  18. Rickster

    Autodata or alternative workshop technical data assistance.

    Hi, if anyone has access to autodata online or any other program that gives you access to technical data for motor vehicles please do me a solid and PM me. I need the headbolt torque settings and timing chain diagram for my 2015 Ford Fiesta 1.0 EB. Cheeeeeeeers!
  19. Rickster

    Recommend me a decent WAN router with traffic bandwidth monitoring.

    So I have 2 routers in my house, one is in extender mode, they work great and all but when I feel like a device is sucking up all the bandwidth I cannot really tell which device it is off the bat. Is there a nice WAN router out there that can tell me in realtime what is doing what and it doesnt...