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  1. SirFooK'nG

    Windows 11 is officially launching next weeks and is already running on many PCs prior to the release

    Ran it for a week or so .... can't really see what the difference is other than cosmetics.
  2. SirFooK'nG

    Does a non terrible media player exist

    nVidia Sheild is the best media box I have ever had. 4 years later, still loving it (2017 model)
  3. SirFooK'nG

    How desperate are these clowns?

    So if you have had a TV for 4 or more years and get "nailed" with the "penalty plus fees" still cheaper than paying every year.... incentive :unsure:
  4. SirFooK'nG

    The official supersonic R999 Uncapped feedback!

    @SupersonicSA yes, exact same. Last two days have been awful. More and more I have to reboot, been doing this now for weeks. Phone Supersonic, answer is nothing they can do about cell towers ... nice. My FTTH s installed, just waiting for my street to go live, then bye bye.
  5. SirFooK'nG

    MyBB Motorcycle Owners Thread (2nd gear)

    I'm really not interested in going as fast as possible, knee down, through any corner ... slow down and just enjoy.
  6. SirFooK'nG

    Haval/GWM Cars

    OK ... ja nee ... Starship Enterprise called for its side pods.
  7. SirFooK'nG

    MyBB Motorcycle Owners Thread (2nd gear)

    Same here, but now I use a combo of both, depends on my speed. Low speed I ride dirt style....
  8. SirFooK'nG

    Haval/GWM Cars

    Yip, must say it makes my H6C feel a little agricultural now!
  9. SirFooK'nG

    MyBB Motorcycle Owners Thread (2nd gear)

    Which model are you on (forgot if you mentioned)? As for the wondering / feels light on the front, quite a few of my club members complained about this while using the Dunlop Trailmax Mission tyres. Personally I have them on and it seems fine for me, but I hardly ever clock over 150, the guys I...
  10. SirFooK'nG

    MyBB Motorcycle Owners Thread (2nd gear)

    On the R1200, I know there are slight differences in the gearbox (LC Models) from 2013 to 2018, possibly 3 different variants or tweaks between those years. I have had both a 2015 & 2016 GSA, the 2016 has the shift assist and the 2015 not. Currently I am riding the 2016 GSA, and yes sometimes a...
  11. SirFooK'nG

    MyBB Motorcycle Owners Thread (2nd gear)

    For me its making sure you have at least the tiniest bit of acceleration while changing up (for slow speeds). If you back off the throttle completely or even just a bit, then it will be clunky or not even want to change.
  12. SirFooK'nG

    Ramaphosa is looking for ways to restart South Africa’s economy – including vaccine passports

    Stop stealing all the tax we pay, actually use it for infrastructure, the country will function, jobs will happen. And you will see you don't actually have to tax us so much, because there will be more than enough money.
  13. SirFooK'nG

    Win R2,000 - Which IT/Technology company do you admire?

    On a Manufacturer / Brand level, for me ASUS. The quality of their products is just better.
  14. SirFooK'nG

    YouTube Music is fastest-growing music streaming service

    Add the Youtube Subs and its still definitely worth it. No adverts is awesome. Youtube practically my primary source of TV / Video entertainment these days.
  15. SirFooK'nG

    MyBB Motorcycle Owners Thread (2nd gear)

    There is an adapter you can buy that fits the BMW cradle, allows you to use your phone, plus it has USB power out from the cradle so keeps your phone charged. Example here at Flying Brick
  16. SirFooK'nG

    MyBB Motorcycle Owners Thread (2nd gear)

    I see Arrow does one for the 1250 ...
  17. SirFooK'nG

    MyBB Motorcycle Owners Thread (2nd gear)

    Forgot to mention, talking Slipon only, headers are different. I have never changed the original header or removed the Cat ... no Need to go that extreme.
  18. SirFooK'nG

    MyBB Motorcycle Owners Thread (2nd gear)

    For a lot of money and not so much loud, Akro. For a little bit less, but imo still a lot of money, and louder then go Remus. In EU the new emission standards means that the R1200 slipons are not the same as the R1250, but here for South Africa, you can put anything that fits! So if you find a...
  19. SirFooK'nG

    MyBB Motorcycle Owners Thread (2nd gear)

    Yes very aware of the new lights etc... takes some getting used to. Quite a few guys in my club have the new 2021 spec 1250GS. I had the original 2019 HP 1250GSA, but perfectly happy with the 2016 R1200GSA. Gearbox for me isn't an issue, even on 2016 model, once you perfect the shift assist, you...