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  1. Budza

    HUAWEI WiFi WS5200 (Afrihost Router) | Cape Town

    Item Wanted: HUAWEI WiFi WS5200 (Afrihost Router) Packaging Essential: Nope Desired Age: Under 3 Years Location: Cape Town Southern Suburbs. Willing to Pay Around R400 to R600 Preferably local so I can collect or have it dropped off.
  2. Budza

    How to check which movie/series will be released in 4K

    Given the download options range from CAM to WebRip to BluRay Rip etc- how does one know if it's worth waiting for a 4K release? Westworld S03 for example released a while ago but the 4K version only came in November- I waited for that before watching. Where can I see what'll release in 4K...
  3. Budza

    Daily Maverick vs News24 - cheeky!

    Nice :p From a pop-up when visiting DM's site...
  4. Budza

    Synology DiskStation DS220+ NAS Review

    Thanks for the opportunity to review this little gem! The unboxing: Note the Schuko plug :sick: - those should come with an SA replacement in the box. And an eWaste Tax to boot. Now, let's look at what we're replacing: [hmm- cables :p] That's one of these: With a NUC8i3BEH stashed...
  5. Budza

    Telkom Freeme vs free airtime: which is used first?

    This show R30 free airtime, yet the free me bundle is depleted first: I thought free airtime was always supposed to be used first?
  6. Budza

    Telkom Mo'Winz

    Anyone got anything out of this yet? *180*5# Seems like a constant bait to get me to click on the R3/day subscription... I've got 6240 points, whatever that means?
  7. Budza

    Samsung A70 | 128GB ROM | 6GB RAM | Single SIM | White, new in box (CPT) - SALE

    Item name (be very descriptive): Samsung A70 | 128GB ROM | 6GB RAM | White SINGLE SIM Age and condition: NEW Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes - 2yrs with Takealot (come back to me to arrange if needed) Reason for selling: Not needed Price: R4500 Negotiable: Yes/No Location: Cape Town...
  8. Budza

    El-Cheapo UPS Battery replacement: Can I use Lithium (LiPo)?

    I've got one of these: The battery doesn't last more than 30min after 1yr of running ONT + WiFi Router (that's the only load it has). To replace that, I can buy another SLA battery, but couldn't I just drop in one of these...
  9. Budza

    Wellpoint/Spike pump timing

    How long can you run your pump before the flow slows/stops? I get around 10min of flow, then it slows and sputters but doesn't stop completely. I'm wondering if I should put a timer on the pump to let the ground water 'reservoir' refill before it's pumped out again. Should be more efficient...
  10. Budza

    HDR vs SDR vs 4k torrents

    Which of these should I be downloading for a Hisense 4k HDR TV? Is it obviously HDR? If so, is Win10 + VLC the best player for those files? What's the difference between them so I can see if I am even able to tell the difference? I have a Mi Box S too, though I prefer the PC for movies (can...
  11. Budza

    Telkom Chinese New Year offers

    I just got this SMS. So far nothing received after dialling the shortcode.. Celebrate Chinese New Year with Telkom. Dial *123#, select Mo'Nice and Find Your Fortune. By simply participating, you can discover great hidden treasures every day between 26 and 28 February 2019. You could find data...
  12. Budza

    Extract WhatsApp chat history from Android

    There're a few options available via Googling but most are outdated or require rolling back to an old version of WhatsApp in order to work. Has anyone done this recently? How? TIA :)
  13. Budza

    'Free' Fibre Router Model per ISP

    Does this make a difference when deciding between ISPs? :confused: If so, let's get a list of what router(s?) are provided per ISP. I can update OP with the list as more are added. Afrihost - DLink DIR-825 WebAfrica - TP-Link "AC1750" Home Connect - Tenda AC6 RSAWEB - TP-Link "AC750" Cool...
  14. Budza

    Budget SSD for PC upgrade

    I'm sure many of you get the 'how can I speed up my PC question' from friends/family. The easy answer, is to add an SSD. So, for an intermediate user, is 120GB enough? I'd say so, especially if the old drive is relocated to the DVD bay or an external enclosure. SATA is fine for most of...
  15. Budza

    Provisional Tax Payer - Work from Home Expenses

    Who's doing this? What can I claim back for? %age of house used as office - utilities etc. Parking? %age of internet cost? %age of interest on bond? Cellphone usage? Hardware? I need a work laptop- personal cheapie (lenovo 100s) is inadequate. I've read through the older threads...
  16. Budza

    Best ADSL Upload Speed

    I'm looking for the cheapest 1MB upload speed, if that's still the max for ADSL? More than that would be great too, if still ADSL. Can't seem to see UL mentioned anywhere on Telkom site or any of the bandwidth provider sites :( AFAIK, 4MB is .5MB up and 10MB is 1MB up. There are 6MB and 8MB...
  17. Budza

    Afrihost Mobile + Xiaomi Mi Phones & DATA

    I just saw the email about this partnership:D Same prices as Includes some free data /month for 1 year Excellent! Need to confirm if Afrihost Plus can be applied to these offerings. ;)
  18. Budza

    Telkom Mobile Billing Query: Concurrent Data Bundles If I use the above Smart Plan, I'm able to load both TM (Telkom Mobile) Data and AN (All Networks) Data. If I have 2 bundles loaded at the same time, say a 100MB AN and a 1GB TM bundle, which gets used first? I'd hope that the TM...
  19. Budza

    Diesel in Cape Town- best prices?

    I stay in Claremont and work in Durbanville, so anywhere between the two really. Looking at keeping a running tab on prices in these parts- if such a thread exists already, I can't find it... Where do you fill up, with what and how much does it cost? Saving a few cents per litre...
  20. Budza

    Audio: Headphones & Onboard sound vs Sound Card

    I'd like to upgrade my audio experience. Looking at less than R1k, all in. When using on board sound (all much of a muchness?) what's the limit for headphones? IE, when do the phones exceed the capabilities of the source? Using a laptop, I'd add something like this: Asus Xonar U3 USB...