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    Azure Credits for Open Source Projects Microsoft are offering one year's Azure credits to Open Source projects. Any projects with an OSI approved license are eligible to apply.
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    What to watch on Netflix and Showmax this weekend?

    MyBroadband didn't tell me. I'm lost. How do I know what to watch on Netflix and Showmax? This must be how Beke Cele feels every day :unsure:
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    Cellphone Network Booster - Vendor Recommendations

    I am looking for vendors to supply and install cellphone network boosters to improve the signal within an office building in the Johannesburg area. Is there anyone here in this line of business or who can recommend potential vendors?
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    Your Favourite Open Source Software?

    What are your favourite Free/Libre/Open Source applications or projects? Reply below and I will add anything I deem worthy to this post for quick reference (until I get bored, die or find someone better to do it :) ) EDIT: The list has has exceeded the character limit for a single post on this...
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    Dolar Cost Averaging and Cryptocurrency - Good or Bad Idea?

    Was chatting about Crypto with some colleagues and about investing generally and the topic of dollar cost averaging came up. If you were looking to put in small amounts regularly (say R500 or R1000 per month) would this likely be a good or bad way to buy Crypto?
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    The Workout and Fitness Thread

    As the 2020 Weight Loss Thread seems to be continuing into the New Year, I thought I would start a companion thread for workouts and fitness, similar to the 2019 Workout Check In Thread. As well as sharing your stats and and progress to keep motivated and accountable it would be great to see...
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    Tax on Gift/Donation from Relative Overseas

    My mother in the UK has some extra cash that she wants to gift to me. Not sure exactly how much but could be +/- R600k which I will be planning to put into my access bond. I want to make sure that I don't fall foul of SARS and keep things above board. I would appreciate if anyone here can help...
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    Recommendations for a Free or Cheap Stock Screener

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a good free or cheap stock screener for JSE stocks? I'm looking for a replacement for the Google Stock Screener that they discontinued a couple of years ago which I found really intuitive. I have tried the Yahoo Finance and MSN Screeners. MSN is OK but I...