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    Likely ADSL speed with these readings

    Hi, I'm considering getting Uncapped ADSL installed as no fibre in the area. Online it says up to 40Mbps but we all know this is unlikely. A Telkom technician showed me the attached numbers. It shows a possible 27Mbps but noise fails. What stable speeds am I likely to get? The...
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    External antenna on VDSL router

    As per the subject, can anyone confirm whether you can replace the fitted external antennas on the VDSL routers, TP-Link TD-W9960, for example, with another external antenna? I'm needing the VDSL connected outside the house. My thought is to connect to a router but it'll be placed in a...
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    Dual SIM LTE options

    Hi, I've seen this asked elsewhere but can't find a neat solution. I, as I think many may, am using two LTE providers. I use RAIN off-peak and CELL C during peak. Currently I need to manually swop SIM cards in my Huawei B315 at 6pm and swop back at 11pm. There must be a better way? I have...
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    Boost Rain Signal

    Hi, I thought I'd give Rain a test drive. I am outside their shown coverage area but I am on a hill so I've found with Cell C that even though I'm shown as not covered I am (and get good speeds). Unfortunately this is not the case with Rain (looking to use it in my B315). It battles to find a...
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    Dual SIM LTE options?

    Hi, Needing some assistance, advice and input. I took a 100GB fixed LTE package with Cell C and am using the SIM in the Huawei B315 LTE that I got with it. All good and my speeds have been great even after the MTN roaming deal ended. My problem is 100GB is not enough but 200GB would be...
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    Streaming rugby

    Sorry, I'm sure this had been discussed before but time constraints have limited my search and revealed little. Other than Supersport, which buffers every few minutes (as many have complained about), where on an Android device can one watch the upcoming Springbok rugby match?