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    Most powerful device - Use as router or access point?

    Hi there, Would love some advice from the networking experts here. I have a Netgear Nighthawk R7800, used as access point in the house for 95% of the devices. Lots of cellphones, tablets, streaming media players and IoT devices. Router is very capable, has a large online following for how...
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    How to allow comms between 2 routers and 2 subnets?

    Any help appreciated! I effectively have a 2 network (2 router) setup. I'm aware of double natting with this setup, but so far everything has been working great. I have no issues streaming media, Plex or online gaming, with some exceptions. However there some things that are broken that I...
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    Telkom LTE sim with month-to-month contract available

    As per title. Location is in Centurion or surrounds, as we will both need to go to the Telkom store to do the transfer of ownership. The contract is for the Fixed Broadband Unlimited LTE promotion. Current monthly price is R525 roughly. The standard FUP applies (300gb + 50gb NNTP & P2P...