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    Anyone else at the wits end with Afrihost's WhatsApp support?

    I am so incredibly disappointed with the bad attitude of the staff serving clients on Afrihost's WhatApp support. 1. On average it takes over an hour to get a response, sometimes only the next day; 2. Staff make you reset everything before they help (as I haven't tried that before I reached out...
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    Endless B-Number changes, CLID resets and no support

    @Afrihost-Gian @AfriMan (sorry if you guys don‘t work at Afrihost -- feels like nobody does). Since I had Fibre installed (which was a 2x week long debacle in and of itself at the of August) I’ve been plagued with my service being suspended for days at a time allegedly due to my B number being...
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    Warning: R8,500 every time you update Audi's MMI (Virtual Cockpit) SatNav Maps

    Just wanted to warn any prospective Audi buyers that the ~R50,000 you'll pay for Audi's Virtual Cockpit with satellite navigation has a hidden cost. I've really enjoyed my Audi's Audi's Virtual Cockpit, especially the satellite navigation with Google Maps overlay. However, the maps are very...