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    Skilled people are leaving South Africa – here’s where they are going

    You've won the Darwin award Congratulation
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    Huawei B535

    Too early in the week to troll, wait for Friday
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    GPU is dead

    Or ponder said: Before working on a pc make sure you discharge the psu even with the power unplugged.
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    RAIN 5G Premium [Don't waste your money]
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    RAIN 5G Premium [Don't waste your money]

    Just waiting for Fibre to go live in my area then it's bye bye RAIN for me Will gladly pay R1000.00 for 300Mbps down/up than to pay R1000.00 to RAIN and not even getting 10% of that speed
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    Most South Africans don’t want...

    So what about 7 million doses?
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    Error code: 0x80070035. The network path was not found.

    I wonder if SMB 1.0 is turned on
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    Help me undrrstand this 5G service.

    Since @cavedog wants to talk about facts Go look at RAIN's user experience statistics from 2019 to Now Also signed up for fibre, not going to deal with RAIN any longer with random lag spikes and stream buffering
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    Coming changes for domestic workers in South Africa

    Geez all these guys crying over your statement sound like a bunch of communists:laugh:
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    Error deleting folder

    Can also try rmdir /s /q "folder path"
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    Error deleting folder

    In elevated Command Prompt del "file path"
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    Error deleting folder

    error message*
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    Error deleting folder

    What is the error?
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    Anybody farming CHIA (XCH)?

    Anybody interested in buying plots?:p
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    Weird SD card failure

    "I have a legit Sandisk 32Gb Micro SD that appears to be write protected" Yip definitely not going to help:thumbsup:
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    Office 2016 (Arrrrr me mateys)

    Can activate it without downloading any crack