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    New household tax proposed for funding the SABC

    R300.00 per year for a service that I don't use is R300.00 too much. That is 3 months worth of subscription for services I do use like Netflix or Showmax and over a years subscription for You Tube, Which I gladly pay.
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    New household tax proposed for funding the SABC

    Well well, now lets see. Online services are making a killing from the online services they provide. Here's an idea: Why don't they go online themselves with a paid service so that anybody who wants to watch the cr@p that they show can subscribe to it. Why should those of us who don't even own...
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    What SA ISP has a open relay SMTP server?

    Unles I am wrong, and everything I know about SMTP protocol has changed since I last looked, Base64 was THEEEE encoding used in the past and present to encode username, pass and attachments to an SMTP server when using AUTH LOGIN in a plain text transaction. I know Base64 is as old of the hills...
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    What SA ISP has a open relay SMTP server?

    Is this an application you are writing or is this an email client? Regardless weather it is a client or an app,, use port 587. If you are coding, your intro must be EHLO MyDomain followed by AUTH LOGIN. LooserName and Assword must be Base64 encoded. If that doesn't work, I don't know what will...
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    Why the SABC wants Netflix users to pay for TV Licences

    No Sylvia Tladi, we do NOT buy TV sets to watch Netflix, Showmax, Multichoice or any other digital broadcaster. We buy MONITORS to watch the content on. You stick your content all over YouTube free of charge for everybody to see and then you complain that nobody is paying their TV licenses...
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    New standards for wall sockets in South Africa

    I don't like that 2 pin American 541t. They can't handle the current and they are a fire hazard. Drop that idea. What were they thinking when they adopted that junk?
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    Second hard lockdown rumours worry South Africans

    Here is a suggestion for Government to consider: Sorry night clubs, pubs, taverns and casinos, you are going to have to close. If you are going to allow your business to get over crowded, break the curfew and not ware their masks then you need to close. Instead, let the bottle stores goo back to...
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    Eskom whistle-blower writes open letter to CEO

    Before she submits another letter to a CEO, she should consider letting somebody proof read the letter. There were a few grammatical mistakes, but over all, she got her point across very well. I hope she gets her wish.
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    Illegal connections are destroying South Africa’s power infrastructure – Photos

    The police always say they are following the leads, so follow the leads. Cables never lie. If the police follow them, they will be lead straight to the homes of the people stealing electricity. I think it is time to start sending people to prison. So, Mr president, here is your chance to create...
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    Eskom report and court judgment clears and vindicates COO Jan Oberholzer

    The title of this report is wrong. This is not an explosive report. It is a SCATHING report by de Ruyter, and I say brilliantly done by him. I think de Ruyter should file criminal charges against Chettiar and not pay him another cent. All the cream floats to the top when milk goes sour and...
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    Do you think restaurants should be allowed to sell alcohol?

    Certainly. I always loved a glass of wine to complement a good meal at a fine resturant. I miss dining out and I miss the atmosphere.
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    Government policy will now let mobile networks build a 5G tower on your property

    I am sure my dogs would LOVE their company while they try to put it up. It will save me a fortune on dog food too.
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    Eskom employees held hostage and forced to unlawfully restore supply

    Helloooo! What can I say? Welcome to South Africa where laws are made but none are enforced.
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    What would you do with SAA if you were President?

    Phuck the unions! They are the primary source of our problems in this country. If I was the president of SA, I would have abolished them long ago. But assuming I was the CEO of SAA, I would have told the unions to keep their noses out. If your people strike, we will retrench them. It saddens me...
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    What would you do with SAA if you were President?

    Other (Manage it properly). 1. Investigate and weed out corrupt people. 2. Implement more retrenchments. Anybody suspected of being corrupt will be first on the list. Those who do nothing all day can go too. Keep the pilots, cabin crew and maintenance crew on. They are the ones bringing the...
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    FMF: Cigarette ban in SA could last until 2021

    You have no idea how wound up I am about that, but if I really let loose I might end up getting banned from this forum. EDIT: On second thoughts, maybe I should write a column and send it to the media (The Perspective of an average middle classed South African).
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    FMF: Cigarette ban in SA could last until 2021

    I signed it anyway. It cost me nothing and here is always a glimmer of hope.
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    FMF: Cigarette ban in SA could last until 2021

    That woman is asking for a projectile to head in her direction. If you look at somebody the wrong way you could be shot in this country. She is messing with peoples livelyhoods and their ways of life. People are going to retaliate against her in an ugly way. That is my prediction.