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    My 50Mbps fibre internet looks fine, watching YT,Netflix,Twitch,etc. is fine, but as soon as I stream.. 98% dropped frames!

    Hi all I've been streaming on Twitch for a few months now.. and while I've had some streams start dropping frames and lagging badly in the past, it's now at the point it's every single stream is unacceptably slow. I stream on both Xbox and PC and have the issue on both platforms.. so it's not...
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    where to stay in Cape Town's Northern Suburbs?

    Hi I'm not from Cape Town but have recently started working in the Northern Suburbs in Cape Town (Plattekloof to be exact). Short of asking a real estate agent (may as well ask an encyclopaedia salesman if I need encyclopaedias) as to which areas are safe and affordable to either rent or...