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    Can you go 24 hours without touching smart tech?

    As per the title. Can you survive without your phone, tablet, smart watch, laptop etc for 24 hours. Not during the week as that will be unrealistic. But maybe a Saturday or Sunday? Willing to try. That is all I can say.
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    How safe is the Gautrain?

    Recently moved to Centurion and I work in Midrand. My fiance works in Sandton. All three locations are close to the stations and the train is making more sense to me than driving. Also, my car isn't very economical and sitting in peak traffic between Centurion and Midrand does not appeal to me...
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    Ryobi 6500 surging

    Anyone with experience on the Ryobi petrol generators. My 6500 starts after about 5 or so pulls and then runs smooth under load and with no load. About 15 or so minutes later it will start surging while running. Even with no load on it. Short of the usual checking of the plug, filters etc...
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    How to activate FNB Sim

    Package is a Top-Up Go contract. I managed to lose the sim at some point and now that I need a sim I ordered a new one. I'm using the USSD cellphone banking route and get up to the point where it asks me to input the serial number on the back of the sim. The number is printed on the back of...
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    Why is my TV showing me adverts?

    This is getting too much. Some reports that their smart TV is now showing you adverts when connected to the internet and when you are in the setup menus or home screen. Your TV will also track what you watch in order to show relevant adverts to you. How long before they take over your TV...
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    Find my TV License number

    How do I find my TV license number? I'm buying a new TV and since I recently moved the TV license is still linked to my old address. In order to update the details I need to register on the TV Lic site and they want the number. The site is, as expected, useless.
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    LG 70un7380pvc 70"-uhd-4k-smart-tv Looking for opinions on this. Budget for a new TV is R15k +-
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    Not impressed with VOX customer service

    Earlier this year we confirmed our occupation date for the new house. Yay! Then I was told that Openserve handles the installation of the lines and based on past experiences I booked the install in June to ensure that everything will be on track for VOX to do their part beginning of August...
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    Rights under occupational rent

    Short version. Bought a property and took occupation. We are picking up problems with the electrical in the house (even with coc) and also major issues with blocked drains across all bathrooms. What are our rights in terms of making the current “landlord / owner” pay for the maintenance...
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    Replacement stand for Dell S3221QS 32"

    During my house move I managed to drop and damage the base / stand of my Dell S3221QS 32" screen Will I even be able to find a replacement base for this? If so can someone please point me in the right direction?
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    [S] TP-Link Deco M5 mesh

    Brand new in box. Sealed. 3 Pack. Asking R4999 Based in Doringkloof Centurion.
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    Concentration & short term memory completely shot

    I recently found myself struggling with short memory and concentration. Not sure if this is just an early sign of burning out and needing a proper holiday or at worst a sign of something more serious. Naturally the doc wants to throw Concerta or Ritalin at me and I'm really not in the mood...
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    Disclosing mental health to employer

    In the past I disclosed to an employer who I really trusted that I had been diagnosed with a mental health condition. About two months later I was retrenched "for a different reason". I don't think this was coincidence but I could never prove it. For the rest of career I refused to disclose...