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  1. J

    Ipad Mini With Retina

    So the Ipad Air has been out for a week or 2 now. Does anybody have an idea when they will be offering the Ipad Mini with Retina?
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    Cupertino, California – Apple announced that the iPhone 5 will be available in South Africa on 14 December. The iPhone 5 will be available in South Korea on 7 December, with more than 50 additional countries being added in December, including Brazil, Russia and Taiwan. iPhone 5 is the...
  3. J

    IPHONE 5

    Are we only going to get this once the IPHONE 6 is released.................The wait is killing me!!!!!!!
  4. J

    IPhone 4 (white housing kit)

    Hey guys, Dropped my iPhone (Black) last week and the screen in now gone white:-( going to get it repaired but want to fit a white cover on............where could i buy a complete set from locally front LCD and back cover?
  5. J

    TomTom Southern Africa v1.9 ipa

    any body have a link to download the new tomtom update for southern africa v1.9?
  6. J

    anybody used want to import the ipad 2

    this looks like best option to import the ipad 2. has anyone used this service b4? how was it are they for real?
  7. J

    Jailbreak for 4.2.1 out!!!!!!!

    It's finally here, folks. The Chronic Dev Team has put out the latest version of greenpois0n that allows you to free your iDevice running 4.2.1.
  8. J

    Ipad 2:-)

    Which will be the best way to get our hands on the new Ipad? would we need sumbody in usa or canada to pre-order them cause from what i read they only going to be sold there for at least the first 3 months......stand to be corrected! sure e-bay...etc will be tripple the price once they out.
  9. J

    Buy Ipad for christmas or wait for Ipad 2 2011????????????

    any thoughts on this? i really want the ipad like now...........but after doing some research most of the guys are saying hold on till 2011 for ipad 2 with face time............
  10. J

    Ipad 16gb wi-fi + 3g

    Where is the cheapest place to buy this from in joburg or pta?
  11. J

    How to jailbreak iphone 3g with broken power button

    Please could sumbody anybody help me out. im running 4.1 on my iphone 3g and downloaded all the files i need to jailbreak! but my power button/lock button is broken so i cant switch it off as thats one of the steps you need to do.
  12. J

    want a ipad!!!!

    guys please could you'll assist in the fastest & cheapest way of getting an ipad into my hands, pls pls want one like yesterday.