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    How to change ownership of a CC?

    Hey everyone, A friend of mine has a registered CC which I would like to take over. The CC has not been in use and no business has been conducted. It is currently registered in his name. How do I go about transferring the CC from him to myself? Is it possible to do this online using the CIPC...
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    How did you learn to trade Options or Foreign Currencies?

    Hey everyone, Looking for some advice. I'm curious to know how/where one learns to trade options and foreign currencies? I've read several threads on here and find it fairly intriguing. Looking for something new to learn and a way to earn a bit more. Just a note - I do have a financial...
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    Helping a friend in need - Which TEFL course?

    Hey everyone So I have a friend that's had a fairly rough time in life. He is 26 and is struggling with employment at the moment. It has been his dream to study further but due to financial constraints was never able to do so. This lockdown has hit him pretty hard and I doubt his employer will...
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    Any Toyota Celica Supra Owners here?

    Hey guys, Been looking into getting an older Supra for some time now. I'm particularly fond of the of the Mk2 era Celica Supras. Hoping to find out if there are any owners of these on here as I'd like to know what maintenance and running costs of these are? Are they reliable vehicles? I intend...
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    Investing in Silver Bullion

    Hey everyone I have recently been looking into different forms of investing and have been considering purchasing silver bullion as a form of long term investment and for speculation. Has anyone here invested in silver (for example silver krugerrands) as a store of wealth and would this be a...