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    Government pushes for laws to regulate vaping – and a 100% ban on smoking in public areas

    More people are murdered per year compared to smoking. Maybe they should ban that.
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    Optoma Distributor

    I got mine from Josh (0836015540) from AV Arts. Excellent service.
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    Golf Thread: Discussion, News & Reviews

    I hope he beats all the records of Nicklaus & Snead. Majors: T=14, N=18. PGA wins: S=82, T=80.
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    Test your broadband speed and win prizes worth R5,000

    Ping: 27ms Download: 45.87Mbps Upload: 28.05Mbps
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    Official Rugby World Cup 2015 Thread

    I don't think I'll watch the boks NZ game next week. Hopefully after the match we'll have a win. Can't see myself watching knowing that we have little chance with our current performance.