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    WANTED Pylontech 2000 or 3000B

    Located Cape Town
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    Does a solar installation invrease the value of a property

    I seem to be hearing both sides of the coin, a friend had to remove his solar installation, as the buyer didn't want it, nor pay additional for it. Any thoughts ??
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    Wanted Pylontech 2000 or 3000 battery

    Wanted: ONE Pylontech 2000 or 3000 battery i am located in Cape Town
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    Two Pylontech 2000 batteries for sale

    SOH ( state of health ) 98 % One year old Balance of factory warranty Located Cape Town Original packaging included Shipping available at buyers cost Price non-negotiable R10,000 each
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    365 watt Canadian Solar cs3u Kumax half cell panels for sale

    Two panels for sale R3000 for both Non negotiable Will only sell as a set 11 months old Have receipt Located in Cape Town Shipping not available
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    Canadian Solar 355 watt half cell panels for sale ( six )

    Three Canadian SolarCS3U Kumax half cell 365 watt panel Bought last August remainder of warranty Upgrading to higher wattage panel Collect from Cape Town R1600 each Non negotiable
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    SUNSYNK 5 kw inverter R18700

    Sunsynk 5kw inverter Brand new, only opened box to check content Have receipt from Ellies Bought to keep as spare Original packaging Does NOT include WiFi dongle Price is non negotiable Located in Cape Town Delivery at buyers expense Price R18700
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    CBI TOUCH SCREEN TIMER QAT-DRM for sale R250 each

    About 8 months old No packaging Balance of factory warranty Inverter has automatic timer, so don't need it anymore R250 selling price Not negotiable Located in Cape Town shipping arranged at buyers cost
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    MWEB quality of service

    thinking of signing up for Mweb's 25/25 service for R499, just looking for opinions on quality of service.
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    Thinking of switching over to Telkom/Openserve from Home Connect

    Have 20 meg line from Home Connect/frogfoot at R711, pretty happy with them, but thinking of switching to Telkom/Openserve for a 25 meg line for the advertised R399, trying to get an opinion on quality of service
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    Cannot contact Home Connect

    has anybody had any luck getting thru to Home Connect, trying to get through, but no one answers their phones
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    Brand new RCT VM III 3KVa solar inverter for sale

    RCT VM III 3KVa solar inverter. Brand new, purchased one month ago Packaging included Includes manufacturers warranty Buying a grid tied system Price Reduced to R8000 Location Cape Town Can be shipped or collected
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    CoCT and off grid solar system approval

    Has anybody gotten CoCT to approve their off grid solar system, would appreciate advice on getting mine done
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    Axpert 1 kw inverter with solar panels PRICE REDUCED

    Axpert ( RCT ) 1 kw inverter with MPPT charger Two Cinco 160 watt panels R5150 for all three items located in Cape Town local pick up, as it is difficult and expensive shipping panels Two months old, have all the receipts reason for selling moving to a bigger option
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    Cinco solar panels 160 watts PRICE REDUCED

    Hardly used , about 2 months old, changed to a 24 volt system, located in Cape Town, pick up only, as not easy to ship PRICE REDUCED TO R1500
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    Voltronic (RCT) VM iii

    can the VM iii mix solar and utility for the load
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    CINCO 160 watt 36 cell solar panels for SALE

    1) i have two Cinco 160 watt 36 cell solar panels 2) Bought them a few weeks ago, work perfectly, have the invoice, so the the panels come with factory warranty 3) i have decided to go with a 24 volt system 4) i am located in Cape Town, pick up preferred, as shipping is nearly R450, which...
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    Uninterruptiblle power supply for sale R650

    KSTAR 1000 va ups for sale, used it to power my router and fibre ONT during load shedding, works great, however have gone with an inverter/battery set up so that I mcan power my 65 inch tv, so don't have any use for this on save R300 over Takelot price CAPE TOWN
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    KSTAR 1000 va ups for sale R690

    KSTAR 1000 va ups for sale R650, never used except for testing, have a mecer inverter now, so do't need it anymore, Cape Town
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    Mecer inverter, how to figure depth of discharge

    The battery status indicator has four bars., can that be used a depth of discharge indicatio, e.g two bars is 50 %