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    Poor international speeds, ISP (Cool Ideas) or line issue?

    My fibre, a 50/50 package with Cool Ideas on Metrofibre's network from my home in Fricker Road, Illovo, Johannesburg, has been active for about a week now. I didn't run many tests (just a local speedtest) initially and things seemed alright, day to day usage seemed okay but maybe I was expecting...
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    Metrofibre reprovisioning turnaround time

    Hello! Metrofibre are just about done with fibre installation in my complex, I understand there's some kind of exclusivity agreement for the first 2 months. Unfortunately the ISP selected for exclusivity is quite a bit pricier than the options I'd have 2 months down the line. If I opted to...
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    Mysterious slipping 40Mbps VDSL speeds

    Backstory About 13 months ago I got 40Mbps VDSL, synced at 40Mbps, got 40Mbps speeds on speedtest (well ~38Mbps, but that's probably what one should expect), good SNR margins, practically never lost sync and all that good stuff. About two weeks ago I noticed my speeds were really bad...