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    Recommended ADSL Router Settings for single wired user

    Hi all Who can recommend/opine the best (most reliable, fastest, less hassle, least chance of problems etc) settings when it comes to: 4MB ADSL connection, Netgear modem/router, into 1 machine (NO wireless, NO phones, NO hectic security needed - for gaming only, by me and me only). Things...
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    Is it worth buying a "Hi Speed" 24MBDown/3MBUp ADSL Modem?

    I have just installed (well tomorrow to be honest) a 4MB Telkom line for 100% dedicated online FPS gaming (no phone, plug into PS3 and nothing else needed or wanted!). I do not want to compromise with anything when it comes to speeds or ping/latency, so my next search was for the "current best"...