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    Cellphone Covers/Cases - Who goes commando?

    I have a iPhone 12 and it's lived in a case since I got it a couple of months ago. Yesterday morning I removed it from the case as I have been making lots of calls lately (company is limiting f2f meetings due to Covid) and now I remember what a nice device it is to actually hold on to. This is...
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    Advice on Building Web and App from nothing

    Hi BB, I'm sitting with an idea which could potentially turn into a good business and help many others along the way. The idea will need a cloud based web portal for clients and a mobile app (iOS and Android) for end users but the problem I have is that I have no capital to invest and no...
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    Edgars Blacklisted me for Mobile Content Fee while they were supposed to cancel it

    I have been a loyal client of Edgars for about 15 years now. I have always paid my account diligently and because I know I have an account with Edgars and that I regularly ow them money, I would go and pay on time every month after receiving my salary. September 2018 I settled my account and...