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    Need a new weather app

    Currently running a Samsung A32, and i really dont like the weather app thats pre installed. (Accuweather) but it also has abou the best widget that i have seen so far. Any recommendations for another one? that has a decent home screen widget?
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    What brands do you guys prefer? I havent really used in ages and the last time I did, I was under the impression that USN was kaka is that still the case? Im looking at lean whey protein, then maybe something for sore muscles too.
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    Protein bars that arent covered in chocolate?

    Do they exist? I dont do chocolate.. But I really want a protein bar. Any brands that you guys know of that dont look like turds?
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    Going back to the office

    Anyone hearing rumbles about going back to "normal" work? I currently do 3 days from home and 2 from the office, I really like that setup too. What do you think the future of WFH in South Africa will be?
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    Looking for a smart watch

    Im looking to get into the whole "smart watch" thing, But I have giant wrists, like really big..... Which watches out there, Can control spotify, Show whatsapp messsages take phone calls track some basic fitness stuffs (Steps, heart rate and maybe sleep) looks good But! Doesnt cost R5k...
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    Tricky situation

    The wifes boss's daughter tested positive on the weekend, Boss hasnt gone for a test, but has insisted on coming into the office this week though. His words were, its not that serious just wear a mask I dont feel this is right, What is the best course of action to take?
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    Looking for a medical aid, again

    Do you guys have any recommendations for a really basic medical aid, Something that will cover some dentistry, emergency hospital visits and maybe a doc visit or two? Its for 2 adults and 2 kids under 12. We have not been to the doc in over 3 years, that was also the last time we needed the...