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    How to tell when LPG gas cylinder should be refilled?

    Hey. So 4 months ago, after doing my homework my household went the gas route. So glad we did because it meant we could still cook indoors during these load shedding winter days. Also great that we could boil water for tea or to bath when the electricity was out. In the last week, the valve...
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    Do they block P2P traffic?

    So my friend Dave's VPN subscription came to an end recently and he has not done any torrenting till today. Tried and nothing was working. Dave got a network/port error from the p2p application. Even Kodi streams were not working. Does afrihost normally block torrents?
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    Is there a device limit on Afrihost?

    Yes, I emailed them already but these forums tend to be quicker. It will be great to hear from other users. It's a new fibre installation and I opted to use my own router. It's old but has not been used for years because ADSL was crap. After a month we cancelled it, so it has a total of under...
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    How do I sign up for Google account without phone verification?

    Hi forumites. A couple years ago I bought my family's first ever smart TV and when I set it up, I created a completely new Google Account. It allowed me to make a new Gmail address, password and I had access to the Google Play store. I could download apps for the TV, and it worked fine. The OS...
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    Backup and restore SMSs between devices using different Google accounts

    Morning. TL: DR right at the bottom. What if an Android user wants to backup then restore all their SMS's from one device to another, but with different Google accounts? The most popular and highest rated apps make you use the same Gmail account to backup and restore. Currently all my 4000...