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    Openserv /Afrihost Netflix

    Evening all. Anyone pickup an issue where some of your netflix shows have disappeared using netflix on afrihost. Or getting an error about using a proxy ? As a test i also connected using a rain and telkom sim and then all the shows are there and working .....
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    Metro Fiber ISP Suggestions (Retirement Village)

    Howsit All, Looking for a suggestion for ISP's on Metro Fiber for my folks, The idea was going through Vodacom but they really messed that one up so we just canceled the whole thing with them after 3 weeks of getting nowhere, I spoke to an agent directly at Metro who said they would send me...
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    AFRIHOST - Line Speed Upgrade

    Morning All, Just wanted to check how long it usually takes for a line speed upgrade to be done. I see on the website it's supposed to be almost immediate.
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    Looking at moving from Rain 5G to FTTH

    Hi All, I'm looking at moving away from rain 5G as fiber has been rolled out here, and I have been having loads of issues with Rain as of late. Fiber available here is OpenServ and Metro, The ISP's I have been looking at are CoolIdeas \ Afrihost and Mind The Speed. Line: 200/100 I need to be...
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    Changes on Rain from the weekend, Locked to bad tower on rain side.

    Anyone here with issues today? Looks like I am no longer able to connect to the tower I used to, Even when forcing the connection, From the Rain website, I am also no longer able to see any of the other towers, During initial setup, Rain engineers were on site and found that the tower I am...
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    Any Linux\Unix guy's on here ?

    Hi Guy's and Girl's Looking for someone that can help me with .tar.bz2 it is related to rain. So figured i'd post it here.
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    The RAIN has dried up

    My struggles with Rain . I had a Telkom R599 uncapped LTE package 350GB FUP and had a fairly stable 80Mbps Connection. I also had a Rain 4G sim installed in a TP-Link TL-M7450 which was doing great. I started my Rain 5G Journey in October 2019 ,This was just before it was commercially...
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    Anyone try contact Rain via chat today?

    I don't see the chat option anymore EDIT : Live Chat .
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    Rain Support

    Anyone able to find the Rain support chat option Edit : Found it .
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    Outdoor CPE Failed

    So i have been struggling to get reconnected . I originally reported intermittent connectivity drops on the 18th of December 2019. I had made almost daily calls stating that i had connectivity issues , and was told that there was no issues on the 5G Site or anchor sites i am connecting to with...