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    Web Squad ISP

    Funnily enough I also noticed that recently. I just assumed that it was on the COD side as I'd read that if there aren't enough local players it just throws you over to Europe. Never tried a PPPOE reset though, so good to know.
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    Web Squad ISP

    @websquadza Morning - how long does a new SIP account usually take? Been a couple days (including a pub holiday to be fair). Would you mind checking if its stuck somewhere? 8805613049
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    Web Squad ISP

    Just a quick @websquadza appreciation post. Never been with an ISP that has been this consistent with providing great service. Big thanks to everyone behind the scenes for keeping the lights on!
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    Microsoft hiring - technical, support, and sales jobs in South Africa

    Any idea what seniority level the Customer Engineer roles fall under? Level 2?
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    SARS E-Filing 2020/21

    Submitted my documentation on the 7th (rental income). Finally got my "documentation verification completed" letter a few mins ago. Now the next phase of waiting for payment.
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    SARS E-Filing 2020/21

    Nope, just a super generic letter that my refund is on hold due to audit for FY21. Basically what you quoted earlier but on a sars letterhead
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    SARS E-Filing 2020/21

    Mine is the same atm. Initially it was just documents for verification (rental income) and then it randomly changed to that status a few days after I uploaded. Been over a week since then with no change. Hoping it’s still the 21 day period and nothing more intense!
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    Web Squad ISP

    Agreed. @SpiderGear what on earth did you do? :ROFL:
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    Balwin Fibre

    @websquadza out of interest, are you able to comment why you are not currently available on Balwin Fibre?
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    Cheapest backup power options to survive load-shedding

    Was intrigued so did some Googling and found this on their Facebook page:
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    Cheapest backup power options to survive load-shedding

    We have one. Can easily handle a Vumatel CPE and a Tenda AC1200 for around 12 hours. Has built in shut off to protect the Lithium batteries as well which is great. Genuinely Zero complaints. Also, its a bit cheaper via the guys I originally bought mine from (you just need to create a free...
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    i3 or i5 series laptop

    @carnagelan I've got a Dell Latitude E5450 (with an upgraded SSD) that I'm happy to sell to you for R4k. Let me know if you are interested.
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    Ford Credit user data hack

    Exact same scenario. Also got an sms today that it’s time for a service lol
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    Web Squad ISP

    @Chiller89 I was just about to post the same thing lol. Portal wont even load this end.
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    Help with picking Fibre ISP

    WebSquad are brilliant and worth being put on your shortlist
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    Need help please. Which ISP to go with

    Honestly cant recommend @websquadza enough. Go take a look at their support thread and compare them to other ISPs. Downtime and issues are rare and when there are issues they fixed in no time.
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    Switching from Webafrica to Afrihost (Openserve)

    If I was you I would rather wait until you are in the new property. You need to give a full months notice to cancel a service with an ISP which means that by the time you are finally up with the new ISP you basically going to have to cancel. Sticking with Webafrica until you move out means you...
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    Unknown complex ISP

    Ah that's much better. So I checked on Frogfoot's website and they are definitely live (see attached image). I checked a few ISP coverage maps and Frogfoot seems to be the only one in the building. From an ISP selection perspective I highly recommend @websquadza or alternatively Cool Ideas. Hope...
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    Unknown complex ISP

    @Keno Can you give the exact full location? I was going to check for you but I cant find that address in Google Maps