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    New Car - Finance vs Cash: best price

    My father-in-law is buying a new car - was paid out by insurance for a write-off and has the cash to buy new, around R500k. I see all the specials/promos are built around interest rate/deposit/balloon etc - but nothing on a pure discount on the RSP for vehicles. So what is the best way to get...
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    Joburg Amateur Clubs (Seniors)

    I'm thinking to get back into football, looking for some JHB clubs that run senior/vets (maybe 35+) teams. Preferably West rand area, but even Randburg will be ok? Does anyone play/know of clubs?
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    Supporting my parents financially

    So, long story short: My parents have hit a bad spot, and are struggling financially (borderline broke). So I’ve had to step in to help out – just want to make sure I’m doing everything I can: I’ve asked them to list their monthly expenses to see what they can cut back on (DSTV etc) List their...
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    Cheapest Iphone 4 deal

    Anyone know what the cheapest deal is? I'm not talking about the best deal (wrt free minutes etc) My work gives me a phone/contract, so I dont need the minutes/talktime, just the phone.