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    Intermittent latency spikes

    Ticket number is BKE-609-66116 I play wow on EU classic servers. Since Sept 2019 until the WACS outage, we always had 170 to 190 ms latency (in-game latency counter) on two PCs. The connection was totally stable and totally playable on two PC's at the same time. Come the WACS outage, totally...
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    Fibre Issues - 27 Oct 2019

    I see that Afrihost's network indicator shows that they have fibre issues. I am trying to connect to wow classic, with no luck. Any idea when this will be fixed?
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    Chewing my wrists off

    Study gets ceiling water damage. Noting serious but the fiber cable comes through the ceiling and terminates at the WiFi station. Insurance covered., contractors arrive to fix. All fixed, cables left in the roof. Enter roof now to route the cables down new trunking. Find the fibre cable in...
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    ASUS ZA - Black Friday, how and where?

    I see on the mybb list of vendors black friday page ASUS listed with saying they will have BF deals on some of their items. Who do they use as a shopping channel online? Are they referring to items via onsellers like rebeltech \ wootware etc? I went to their own site but saw no shop portal.
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    World of Warcraft - Classic (Vanilla)

    Some questions to the myBB gaming community in a poll. Feel free to elaborate on your choice or any opinions you might have, in a post below,