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    How to tell when LPG gas cylinder should be refilled?

    I got my EasiGas for R489. When doing my reasearch I was told Cadac is an inferior brand at Shell and BP stations (they don't accept it for cylinder exchanges).
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    How to tell when LPG gas cylinder should be refilled?

    Good points there. I will go refill it tomorrow. Thank you!
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    How to tell when LPG gas cylinder should be refilled?

    Thanks but 2 bottles would be an overkill. This one alone has lasted 4 months and I am very impressed.
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    How to tell when LPG gas cylinder should be refilled?

    Hey. So 4 months ago, after doing my homework my household went the gas route. So glad we did because it meant we could still cook indoors during these load shedding winter days. Also great that we could boil water for tea or to bath when the electricity was out. In the last week, the valve...
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    Do they block P2P traffic?

    So my friend Dave's VPN subscription came to an end recently and he has not done any torrenting till today. Tried and nothing was working. Dave got a network/port error from the p2p application. Even Kodi streams were not working. Does afrihost normally block torrents?
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    Is online learning as effective as classroom learning?

    I have done online correspondence learning before and enjoyed the fact that I didn't have to deal with transportation to the venue, carry my study material, etc. It was nice to just begin the lessons from home. To me the studying, classroom engagement was the same as if I was in lecture halls...
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    Bank Zero reveals its public launch plans

    Article said they have a "check" account. Is that different from a cheque account?
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    The top Google searches in South Africa in 2020

    I enjoyed the article. Look forward to reading them every year. I'm surprised there's nothing there about how to tolerate your roommates,how to get divorced or how to teach your children mathematics. This led me to search the most searched for items on YouTube, since I spent so much time there...
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    You can now get a digital receipt from Pick n Pay

    I like this idea because we budget for groceries and a digital till slip is better than a printed copy. I tried signing up for it when PnP sent me the email, but could not log in to my Smart Shopper profile. I will try again.
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    The airports are open, do you plan to fly?

    Thanks for the detailed post. I am going to visit a family member overseas during the festive season and hoping my return flight won't be a nightmare. By December I really hope to get feedback from other SA citizens who have traveled abroad for leisure purposes. What happens if you delete the...
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    Is there a device limit on Afrihost?

    Free router? Yes please! Sending you a pvt message...
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    Is there a device limit on Afrihost?

    Thanks for the reply. I will check the settings on my router and change bridge mode to something else.
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    Is there a device limit on Afrihost?

    Yes, I emailed them already but these forums tend to be quicker. It will be great to hear from other users. It's a new fibre installation and I opted to use my own router. It's old but has not been used for years because ADSL was crap. After a month we cancelled it, so it has a total of under...
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    Telkom Night Surfer Data

    It's a huawei e5573b and I'm not sure of the other info. I set the APN to unrestricted to get it working. This is with the VPN connection set to streaming from the US: Some time after 3AM my speedtest showed 10Mbps down and like 8Mbps up. Throughout the night, Youtube videos at 720P were...
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    Telkom Night Surfer Data

    VPN results, because won't even run for some reason (I'm using an LA based server)
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    Telkom Night Surfer Data

    Impressive speeds! Wish I could get those. I took the attached image an hour ago. It's with no VPN. Totally unusable except for surfing. Apps taking forever to update. After enabling YouTube streaming on my VPN, the videos are playing smoothly. I just watched a video and it didn't buffer once...
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    Telkom Night Surfer Data

    Quick question for people whose speeds get throttled at night: are you using VPN services? I would like to take the 100GB R149 offer and using a relative's shared VPN service. It works as promised on my Cell C SIM (in addition to hiding my location, it has streaming, torrenting and...
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    Santaco set to stage national taxi shutdown - called off (for now)

    Yesterday I went out for a walk around the block and saw a taxi with full passengers. Four at the back, 3 in the next row, then 3 and 3 just behing the driver. Also 2 passengers next to the driver. It was strange because I have not seen any taxis with passengers since the lockdown. To see one...
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    Are you still getting paid during Lockdown? Are you at home on Leave?

    Unfortunately my business relies on my hiring artisans. It is not an essential work, so I will be making R0 the next few weeks. So will the people I normally hire on contract. [Voted: "No salary"]
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    How do I sign up for Google account without phone verification?

    I'm not getting that at all. Did you create this from a device that already had/has existing Google accounts? Mine is fresh.