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    ISPs claim Telkom’s cheap Openserve fibre prices are below cost

    Even if Telkom were selling fibre of 25mbs at R500 I'm definetly converting once my Vodascum contract is over. Vodascum is charging 20mbps R800 along with Octotel. Vodascum is bleeding customers with slow speeds. They Vodascum never advertise this because they are milking their customers.
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    Eskom is in a death spiral, according to the IRR

    This doesnt apply to townships and municipalities who doesnt pay. They should switch off power in Soweto and Free state municipalities who owe billions. Their BBE and EE programs are not working with bloated workforce of 5 workers doing 2 persons work. They should switch off power in townships...
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    Price cuts and speed upgrades from Openserve

    Great news. Now if only Vodacom along with Octotel can follow suit and give us better fibre speeds.
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    Best Google-certified TV boxes to buy in South Africa

    They all have outdated chipsets. Mali 450 give me a break. These can't play true 4K resolution
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    Government's plan to force everyone with a smartphone or tablet to pay a TV licence

    So if you pay your yearly TV licence do you still have to pay extra ontop of that?. Why do these thieves go check license fees in locations seeing all have DSTV. Also dealers and family members can buy 20 televisions with 1 TV licence so only 1 person pay TV licence while 19 family members don't.
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    Telkom credit rating moved deeper into junk

    How did a monopoly company who had no competition went to junk status? Poor customer service, bloated workforce,no innovative products with pricing similar to competition. Hiring of incompetents who can't help you with a problem or cancellation of ADSL and listening to music for 15 minutes...
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    Have your say about new SABC TV licence fees for Netflix

    These incompetents don't provide any sports except local soccer which I don't support until they bring quota system in like cricket and rugby. SABC 1,2 and 3 caters for majority public that don't pay fokol because everything they want mahala. Go steal somewhere else you incompetent over bloated...
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    Android glitch may be the cause of disappearing airtime in South Africa

    Vodascum and Cell C does this magical disappearing airtime so that you can keep recharging your fone with airtime. It's their new way of making money since data charges must come down. Now they blame Google for disappearing airtime. Does Google give you minutes??? Passing the buck. Vodascum also...
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    Plan to charge SA Netflix users TV licence fees is based on "good principle" - Expert

    So now these looters want to charge us because they stole the kitty dry. They can't go digital broadcasting because all talk and steal more than providing a service. No sports on SABC except soccer and Zulu dancing. Simply don't cater for majority of TV licence payers. Go to locations and...
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    How you can cancel your TV licence

    Anything run by government is fckd up. The old dinasours cadres only know of stealing money. They play crap on TV with no international sports. Only catering for the majority who can't pay
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    ICASA's announcement on spectrum auction is good news for South Africa - MTN and Vodacom

    Wake me up in 2023. Delays and poor excuses year after year. This toothless organisation doesn't know if it's coming or going
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    These were South African Internet prices in 1995

    Today we still have slow speeds and high prices compared to Europe and other countries
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    The coolest smartphone and computer brands in South Africa revealed

    Definitely not Helkom with their poor customer service and DSTV with their overinflated prices shouldn't be making the list
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    Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams is at war with the SA Post Office - Report

    Minister of incompetence can't even get digital broadcasting or the post office to work effectively during the Covid 19 pandemic where Takealot delivers packages within 3 days
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    Big changes for Octotel fibre line speeds and prices

    I'm happy for the speed increases since we are way behind Europe,America's and Far East with regard to speed but why the huge increases?
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    New Arm designs bring improvements for Android phones

    Does the new chipsets incorporate WiFi 6
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    Telkom LTE problems

    Helkom really needs to upgrade it LTE and fibre networks as this once monopolistic company is losing customers because of poor service levels run by incompetent cadres
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    SAPO to make R1-billion loss

    Everything they touch turns to ****. The African way that's why nothing runs successful but they too dumb to admit they cannot run any business
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    Eskom had no bailouts from 1923 to 2008, now it has R49 billion in 1 year

    Too many cadre employees stealing money now white man must sort out Eksdom without firing any cadres. Banana Republic where ANC turns all SOE's to sh!!t
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    SA Post Office vs Couriers - Pricing showdown

    The problem with Post office is that when you buy something online it never gets delivered or message or sms sent of parcel collection. Too many items disappear but tracking says it arrived in S.A. Either customs are stealing it or workers in post office. Install cameras, computerized tracking...