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    Telkom Fibre Internet connection just went down!!!!!!!!!

    Same here in Garsfontein. On 500Mbps connection.
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    Warning over driver licence deadline for South Africa

    AA Calls For 2021 Licence Renewal Extension
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    Checkers Sixty60 versus Woollies Dash

    Been a weekly Woolworths online shopper for years but since Checkers Sixty60 started operating in my area I have switched over. Great app and shopping experience with a much wider range of products. Easy to report and resolve product issues via the app and so far always delivered on time...
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    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread

    Openserve Fiber connection down in Garsfontein Pretoria since 00H00. Anyone else?
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    Acer Nitro 5 reviewed – The perfect laptop for serious gamers

    Yes. The laptop featured in the article is not listed on the Acer website.
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    Big problems with driving licence renewals in South Africa

    I have been struggling for a few weeks now to get an online appointment (have been driving around with an expired license). This morning again I checked just after 08H00 (as I do every Monday) and there were zero slots listed at any Gauteng DLTC.
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    Drivers license renewal

    Got a spot at Waltloo in Pretoria eventually. Waste of time. Stood in line for almost 5 hours then left as there was only one pay point operating and there is no control. People just jump the line and there is absolutely zero social distancing in the queues or waiting area inside nor any...
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    Clicks apologise for ‘racially insensitive’ hair campaign

    Looking at crime reports over the past few months regarding femicide, child abuse and COVID related corruption one would think the EFF had their finger on the pulse (or had the balls) to tackle these issues with the same vigor they do commerce. But no, it is much easier to spend energy at the...
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    Drivers license renewal I am struggling to get an appointment online in Pretoria. Checked an hour late yesterday morning and all slots were gone. How long are the queues and wait time at Krugersdorp license offices these...
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    SpaceX begins launching Starlink satellites

    The number of satellites already in orbit is staggering -
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    Samsung Galaxy S9 Microphone Issue

    I recently got a Samsung S9 via my contract upgrade @ Vodacom. From day one people said they could not hear me when I used the speakerphone option during calls. Normal calls and headphone use are fine, but the moment I switch to speakephone, people say it sounds like there is something covering...
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    5 great Android TV boxes you can buy in South Africa

    I agree. When it comes to choosing a Android TV box, the Xiaomi Mi Box 3 is currently a no-brainer. No hassles with Netflix app or streaming. It just works and does what it needs to do very well.
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    Openserve Fibre Speed

    Anyone else experiencing slow connection on Openserve fibre tonight (Axxess ISP). I am in Pretoria east. 3 to 4 Mbps on 100Mbps line with pings in excess of 1600ms.
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    Hot 91.9 FM fires DJ Sasha Martinengo for calling Malema a monkey "Hot 91.9 FM has parted company with breakfast show host Sasha Martinengo after he called EFF leader Julius Malema a “monkey” live on air. In a statement...
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    Meat/braai Smoker help

    Unfortunately have not had a chance yet but will let you know once I have.
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    Do you prefer using UberEATS or Mr D Food?

    Pro's and Cons for me are: App: Here Ubereats wins with their interface, better search function and ability to track the driver's GPS. Variety: Mr D takes this one in my area with a larger selection of restaurants than Ubereats (but this obviously depends on where you live). Payment Options...
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    Xiaomi Mi Box / Mi Box S [Android TV OS]

    Tried a few file browsers for local network and USB content. Found ES File explorer fonts too small for my eyes on TV and navigation with MiBox remote frustrating. Just loaded FX Explorer - nice dark themes built in and many display options for large icons and clear text. Navigation also very...
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    Please Rate Vodacom

    Though we were voting on the Vodacom online experience- that is why I was looking for the lowest option to pick in the poll.. Exhibit A: My first visit to the website in 4 months...and guess what? Yea.... that is the Vodacom I am used to.
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    Meat/braai Smoker help

    I went ahead and picked up the Terrace Leisure smoker at Makro. Quality is ok for the R1000 price I feel. It has a separate charcoal bowl with grid, water bowl and 2 cooking grids. Grids are enamel coated steel - not stainless. The cooking grids are 40cm in diameter and spaced 17cm apart...