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    Netgear PowerLine 1000 Adapter

    Item name: Netgear PowerLine 1000 Adapter (two units) Age and condition: 1 Month Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes (manufacturer) Reason for selling: Ended up getting a Cat6 cable installed in the office so no longer need these. Price: R800 Negotiable: Yes (within reason) Location...
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    Port Vodacom number to MTN to then Sign Up for a new Contract

    Hey Guys, Wondering if anyone has ever moved cell providers and then signed up for a new contract at the destination provider while keeping the number you moved? I know you can port between providers while on prepaid but have never then tried to sign up for a contract once moved and kept the...
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    Frogfoot vs Octotel

    Hey Guys, If you had to pick between Frogfoot and Octotel, which would you go with? Mate of mine can pick between the two of them and I vaguely remember reading about Frogfoot being quite unreliable (stand corrected). Is Octotel better? Thanks!
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    Router/Firewall with OpenVPN Support

    Hi guys, I'm wanting to get a device (firewall/router) that I can configure with OpenVPN to route all traffic internet traffic through NordVPN. I was looking at the USG but from what I have read online, it doesn't seem to handle OpenVPN speeds of higher than 40mbps. Has anyone successfully...
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    Co Location Services

    Hi Guys, I posted a little while ago about finding a provider that can provide hosting with large storage. Worked out quite expensive in South Africa (as one might expect). However, since then I have managed to get my hands on a HP 2u Rack mount server and I am wanting to get this installed in...
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    ISP Recommendations on SADV

    Hey guys, Currently on Cool Ideas 50/50 via SADV and wanting to try another ISP. Their international bandwidth issues are driving me crazy. Any recommendations for an alternative? Currently considering: RocketNet Webafrica Would've loved Web Squad but they not available as yet on SADV Bitco...
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    SA located Server hosting with large storage

    Hey guys, So I bought a server via Hetzner's server auction a couple months ago. While it's fantastic, I'm getting a little frustrated with international speeds (not Hetzner's fault - my ISP). I was wondering if anyone knows of a hosting company that has a local DC that offers servers (either...
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    Mini Cooper S

    Hi Everyone, Has anyone bought a Mini Cooper S in the last few years? Looking quite seriously at getting one but the After Sales experience I have been able to find online seems mixed. Would appreciate any feedback/personal experiences any of you have had and whether you regret the purchase...
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    Switching from Telkom (Openserve) to Cool Ideas (Openserve)

    Good Afternoon All, Hoping someone can help me out. I need to switch an Openserve (and Telkom ISP account) to Openserve Cool Ideas. Currently have a 20/20 and would like to also increase the speed to 100/50. I have read a lot of comments regarding Telkom being a nightmare when it comes to...
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    Any Idea when SADV will offer speeds higher than 100mbps?

    I presume there is hardware investment needed on their side but intrigued to find out if there is any plan for them to offer it as the other providers like Vumetel already offer higher speeds. Thanks!
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    Web Africa vs Cool Ideas on SADV

    Hey Guys, I have been looking around in the forums and cant seem to find feedback specific to SADV for Web Africa and Cool Ideas. However, based on general feedback it seems as though Cool Ideas are far more superior based on overall client experience. Whereas, clients on Web Africa have...