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    Thanks @AfriNatic

    A heartfelt Thank you to @AfriNatic For your excellent support and service, even out of hours. It's the main reason I'm with afrihost . Keep it up!
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    Compliments to hype direct online store Would like to share a positive review of these guys, had great service from them, ordered yesterday and delivered today. Free delivery over 750, overnight shipping to me in durban. Pricing on ubiquiti switches were much better than competitors. Usually I use geewiz but with...
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    Mtn voicemail / lite and MCN with Volte

    Hi all I have a very strange problem with mtn, Im currently on the voicemail lite service, meaning no voice messages can actually be left. Secondly, despite the MCN (missed call notification) being enabled, I don't recieve any of these messages. Mtn say that the full voicemail service...
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    Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X - 5 Port Gigabit

    Item: Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X - 5 Port Gigabit Age: Bought on 11/05/2020 Price: R700 Warranty: With geewiz Packaging: No Condition: excellent Cant find the power adapter at the moment, was using PoE, but will try to find it. Location: KZN Reason: Not in use any longer Shipping: Can do @ R86...
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    Grandstream HT802 ATA

    Item: Grandstream HT802 ATA Age: Bought 18 Jun 2019 Price: 450 Warranty: no Packaging: will box Condition: Good. Power cable was cut to use with mini ups, but rejoined and working perfectly. Location: Durban Reason: shifted to IP phone Shipping: Can do for R86 Collection: Sundays 2pm Link: HT802...
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    3 handsets connected to voip base station over WiFi

    Does something like this exist? Need 3 handsets connected over existing WiFi network (excellent coverage, but over a large area which a single dect base station won't cover, hence thinking of WiFi) All connected to one Sip account, so somehow the base device connected by cable to the router...
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    Ip pbx vs hosted pbx - data usage difference

    Hi I've got mtn fixed lte which is great, my signal is excellent. Have a poynting antenna as well. Just wondering if there would be any difference in bandwidth use if I invest in an ip pbx, and run 10 extensions over it, or if I use a hosted pbx such as euphoria or switchtel. From what I...
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    Huawei router with ip passthrough

    Which lte routers from Huawei offer the ip passthrough feature? According to this document the B535 does offer it. Any idea if the b618s offers this feature?
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    Standard Bank MyMoBiz business bank account

    Any one signed up for one of these? Seems a good offer for R5 a month . Not limited to sole props like FNB business zero is. Any disadvantages I'm missing?
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    Telkom VoWifi and VoLTE

    Successfully activated by DM'ing the telkom twitter account. Activated within a few hours. Working perfectly. Signal is poor in my area so VoWifi helps a lot. Had to change telkom apn on my Huawei b525 to 'unlimited' to get it working though. Seems the normal apn blocks certain ports needed...
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    LTE router into UniFi WAN

    Hi A friend only has LTE available in his area, and plugs his Huawei LTE router into the wan port of his USG. With the USG as his main router he has a complete unifi setup. It seems to be working fine. For Internet the USG gets a static IP on the lan of the LTE router. Question is, how to...
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    Ubiquiti UniFi AP, AC LITE (sealed)

    Item: Ubiquiti UniFi AP, AC LITE Age: brand new Price: 1600 (cheaper than scoops dealer pricing!) Warranty: With senetic Packaging: yes Condition: sealed Location: Durban Reason: bought extra from senetic Shipping: On you, R87.00 Excl Vat using Collection: yes
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    Mounting 4u cabinet vertically Due to space restrictions, could I mount something like this vertically? Drilling through the metal isn't a problem. Just wondering if it would cause any issues.
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    Edgerouter x vlan and bandwidth split setup

    Willing to pay a freelancer or company to configure it for me, and suggestions? Have a edgerouter x setup with nanoStations linking up my tenants. Want to put them on a vlan, to separate our networks. Secondly, want to split the bandwidth with a guaranteed 50% to each side, but have a...
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    Will the pandemic spread just as fast after lockdown? As per