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    120VAC 60Hz 130W

    Hey guys, So when it comes to electricity I'm half retarded, so please help me out :) My wife decided to buy a vacuum sealer from Amazon and it came with a USA 2 flat pin plug. The specs at the back says 120VAC 60Hz 130W What adapter/converter would be required to power the sealer up without...
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    Fixed LTE & Goodies

    Good Morning y'all! I have a few question regarding Fixed LTE and also would like some advice if you don't mind. I was on Telkom VDSL 20 for the last 3 years, suddenly this year something went horribly wrong with my line, so the techies came out, said the over-heading cable from my house to...
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    Limit/Throttle wifi

    Good day everyone, I wonder if you can help me to throttle my wifi, I see that my router has QOS, but that is like Greek to me.See screenshots below Your help will be appreciated.Basically I want to throttle the wifi connection on all ports so my roomate has slower connection and my gaming...