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    Apple TV and Smart DNS proxy quirks

    A bit of a long story to follow and also I was not sure if this is the correct forum. So, in order to watch Hulu, Disney+, etc. I have a US Itunes account and the Apple TV region, etc. is set to the USA. And I use the Smart DNS Proxy. And everything works just fine. However you can't use DSTV...
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    Work from home. What does the company provide?

    A small cash subsidy. Some people got work laptops and LTE routers and data. I only got the cash as I had been partly working from home for the last 6 or 7 years anyway and I was using all my own equipment already.
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    Taxis will not obey South Africa’s new road rules – Report

    It's not like they were obeying the old rules anyway.
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    Thanks Telkom

    I got a message today saying I will be upgraded from 50 to 100, got the upgrade from 20 to 50 earlier this year.
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    Clicks to acquire Pick n Pay retail pharmacy business

    No, some of the regular family supermarkets have them as well. Some Checkers stores also have their own pharmacies in store.
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    'I don't want to raise my kids in America, it's unsafe' - Lindsay Myeni wants SA citizenship

    Perhaps she thinks he will get a free ride over here, with everyone who felt her husband did nothing wrong, falling over themselves to be her savior.
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    Telkom/Openserve has not doubled my speed since 1 March 2021

    I think that they say the speed is up to 50, not guaranteed 50, so if the portal shows the account as 40-50, and your speed is 25, then there are other factors involved. hey may be asking you to upgrade from 50 to 100.
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    Cell C contract customers must buy airtime to call private emergency numbers

    Hasn't this always been the case? For as long as I've had a cellphone contract, any "special" numbers would not use the free allocated minutes and were always billed separately.
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    Government ministers owe millions in rent on houses paid for by taxpayers - Report

    Why can't the rental just be a deduction from their salary? Or is this a too simplified thought?
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    Openserve and Telkom Speed Upgrade... Has anyone been upgraded?

    Mine was done last week Thursday - 20/20 FIbre upgraded to 50/25 on Telkom/Openserve.
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    Telkom ADSL Speed Upgrades

    I am with Openserve/Telkom Internet. I got the speed upgrade last night, but then they messed up and created a new profile so I had no access in the morning. But I have been moved from 20/20 to 50/25. I hope I am not going to get a messed up bill next month
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    South African politicians could get Covid-19 vaccine first to ‘reassure’ public: deputy director-general

    A few weeks/months ago there was meme going around that said something about leave our healthcare workers alone. give the vaccine to politicians first to see if it works. These posts were getting hundreds of likes and comments in agreement, but now when it's actually a proposal, there's outrage.
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    How do you recharge your electricity when the power is already down?

    Yes, thats what i was told by the Eskom people the first time it happened. I t must be on the circuit at home, otherwise it wont work.
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    How do you recharge your electricity when the power is already down?

    With the one i have, it has batteries in to turn it on. When the units run out completely, it needs to stay plugged in, then the token code needs to be entered twice and then it works, provided the batteries in the unit are fine.
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    Info needed - Telkom fibre connections

    I have the 20 meg fibre package with Openserve. Yesterday when I logged in to the customer portal, I discovered a second connection, which says active from November, but wasn't listed last week. Any thoughts on this? I could just disconnect it, but I wanted to find out a bit more first, if...
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    Mi Box - How to get BBC Iplayer?

    You just need a proper UK address that you can get from anywhere. The tv license verification is literally a question asking if you have a TV license. Click "Yes" and that's it.
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    Have you been involved in a motor vehicle accident?

    Three accidents - one minor caused by not paying attention - I had just moved into a new house and as I was reversing out the driveway, I went straight into a small tree alongside the driveway. The second one was when a full grown Dalmatian rain straight into the front of my car, as it was...
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    screen mirroring

    I stand to be corrected, but to my knowledge, you need a smart TV for the mirroring as the process works using a WiFi connection.
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    B-grade movie influx. 2020

    These are the movies that you would generally skip by in a normal year as you would focus on the good stuff. The big studios are probably waiting till people get back to the theatres before any big releases.
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    How much money South African banks have given in coronavirus support – and why they won’t offer debt write-offs

    Technically, they haven't "given" the money away. A payment break or relief isn't giving money away, they are just collecting it later on with added interest.