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  1. hawker

    iPhone 13 discussions

    Well said. I was worried about switching from Android but as cliched as it is... "everything just works". Stuff works well, its all deeply integrated with each other, talks to my Macbook perfectly (which is now 6/7 years old). Should've moved to iOS ages ago.
  2. hawker

    iPhone 13 discussions

    Yeah its ridiculously nice! I'm so chuffed with it. No regrets at all!
  3. hawker

    iPhone 13 discussions

    I got mine from Takealot pre-order. Had it in my hands at 08:05 yesterday. Got the normal 13 :) it's my first iPhone and I'm loving it so far.
  4. hawker

    What employee benefits do you get?

    None because its all coming out of my standard CTC. I even have to pay for flipping parking at work.
  5. hawker

    Huawei Mate 10 Pro - Sale

    For Sale Item name (be very descriptive): Huawei Mate 10 Pro Age and condition: Used but in good condition, always had a cover, has a dbrand skin on it too. Do you include packaging: Yes, box + charger Warranty: No Reason for selling: Upgraded to new phone Price: R4000 Negotiable: Yes Location...
  6. hawker

    Liverpool FC supporters thread - 2017/18 Season

    Great start to the season :)
  7. hawker

    Liverpool FC supporters thread - 2017/18 Season

    Keita has been looking sharp, hope he can stay fit and have a good season.
  8. hawker

    MyBB Fantasy Premier League 2021/2022

    Hi Gents, I've made a league for this season! Lets gooooo!
  9. hawker

    Liverpool FC supporters thread - 2017/18 Season

    I can look for it, but I think our good run started when we could move Fab back into midfield. (makes the whole balance much better)
  10. hawker

    Bitcoin Thread

    Yeah good idea, crypto is a tiny part of my portfolio the rest is still the plain old normal stuff.
  11. hawker

    Government weighing up private electricity generation in South Africa: Treasury

    What is there to weigh up? You can't run a modern economy without electricity.
  12. hawker

    Liverpool FC supporters thread - 2017/18 Season

    If you had told me in March we'd finish 3rd, I wouldn't have believed you. Imagine only being 4/5 points behind Manchester United's best season post-Fergie with the horrendous season we had. Wow.
  13. hawker

    Bitcoin Thread

    I've just been buying some as the prices keep going down and I'm gonna hang on.
  14. hawker

    Elon Musk loses $27 billion in under a week

    Exactly, I hate headlines/analysis like this on unrealized gains/losses. It's so dumb.
  15. hawker

    Liverpool FC supporters thread - 2017/18 Season

    Yeah he was their physio the last few years when they had massive amounts of injuries too. He was also sacked by FSG when they came in in the beginning, no idea why they hired him again. I mean last two years wasn't bad, but doesn't seem like they adapt the training/conditioning with the new...
  16. hawker

    Giving Google the middle finger

    Anyone tried Hey email yet?
  17. hawker

    F1 2021: New season discussion and chat

    New Alpha Tauri looks worse than last year but pretty ok.
  18. hawker

    Liverpool FC supporters thread - 2017/18 Season

    Today's VAR decision was an absolute joke. Just writing this season off as a nightmare. Next one will be better!
  19. hawker

    Fantasy Football EPL 2019/2020 ARE YOOOOOOU REEEADY???!!!

    I'm in! I renewed the old one, I should probably get rid of it since there are people more on the ball than me.
  20. hawker

    Open letter to Willem Roos, RAIN CEO, about why RAIN sucks

    It's a shame that some people have serious issues and it doesn't really get resolved. My rain is great - I use it all day everyday for work and last month I had to upload 400GB of stuff to Dropbox and it went great.