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    Asus Rog Phone 5 - Your thoughts on the bend test ?

    Hi So my phone is pretty old now and i've been holding out for the Asus Rog phone, i was planning on getting the 3 and then to my surprise i see they launched the 5. The reviews were fantastic from the start other than the finger print reader and camera. i think the camera everyone expected to...
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    Alternatives to Webuycars ?

    Hi Getting ready to let go of my car soon i was thinking of going with webuycars but i remembered seeing a few posts on here about another company that offer better prices. looking for a company that does all the paperwork etc so hassle free :) I'm probably going to be looking for a quick...
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    Any reviews (first hand) on the Haval_series ? H2_Lux and H6c

    Anybody here own either a H2 Lux or H6 (inc the H6c). What are your experiences with the car, build quality etc after owning it for a while. Havent booked a test drive but from the spec sheet its impressive to say the least! Concerns are, well its a Chinese brand :oops: how is the build...
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    Nvidia Shield Tv - Any tips/tricks must have apps etc ?

    Hi Recently got a Nvidia Shield mainly to stream content from my pc and maybe some games (not priority thought). Can anyone recommend some must have apps/games plus links etc Also i wanted to side load some apps off my ext hard drive - all indications were that ES File explorer was the best...
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    Whatsapp down for telkom mobile ?

    Anyone else having issues with Telkom mobile and WhatsApp ? As i post this my message eventually went through but it failed like 4 times. I've been switching between mtn and Telkom and that's how it figured it must be a Telkom issue because it works fine on mtn. Don't know whats going on at...
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    Local Switch homebrew community/forum etc ?

    Mods please remove if not allowed but this is just out of curiosity Is there a local community for homebrew specifically for the switch. feel free to PM me if you know of any forums etc i just wanted to get more info around homebrew (switch) and what's available (achievable) at the moment. TIA
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    Chrome remote desktop - issue with new gpu

    Hey guys I've always used chrome remote desktop to log in remotely into my home pc and schedule my downloads etc it always worked fine. I recently installed a new gpu (gtx 1050) i downloaded the new drivers etc as well, previously i had a old gt 210 (i think) display card. so on to the issue...
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    Baobab Aigo 3-in-1 120mm - Anyone used these ?

    Hi Thinking about getting these: Link Has anyone bought and tried these ? looking for some feedback on them, are they a good buy. Also takealot dont state the model number so is this the same as the DR12 model ? Evetech has these on special but after reading a thread here about them i'd...
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    Kindle - please help answer a few questions

    hi Thinking about getting a kindle for an elder person in my family, makro has one with adds for R1499: "Amazon All-New Kindle Touchscreen Wi-Fi 8th Gen" okay some question as i've never used or even seen a kindle before, i'm thinking of purchasing the above and loading a bunch of books on it...
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    What game is this ?

    The game is in the vid below and starts at 2:53 The game starts at 2:53
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    So their ridiculous pricing aside. Do they actually deliver ? or is it just one big scam. i have a voucher at 40% off and was wondering whether it was worth the risk of ordering something through them or not. oh and side note, even after the 40% discount the item i'm looking at still comes out...
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    iphone messenger help please !

    Hi recently got an iphone but hate that everytime i get an sms it pops the message on the screen ... is there anyway to disable the pop up... i get alot of notifications from my bank ... balance etc and sometimes my phone is laying on my desk with people around me usually and i get an sms...