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    Home mesh wifi

    What is the best home mesh wifi that has antennas that are both vertical and horizontal? I believe amplfi is one and so is the deco m5?
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    Anyone use a fingbox?

    So I can do lots using the linux shell but its time consuming and not always easy to automate. I came across the fingboc which seems to be the same as the one from bitdefender? What is the experience with these from those who have used them?
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    Spur has gone too far

    WTF? Next they'll ban our puking kids!
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    Vox Hurlingham

    Vumatel in Hurlingham via Vox Anyone else seeing packetloss?
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    Speedtest question

    I hardly ever have any accurate correlation between the MyBB or ookla speedtests. Question I have is are they using binary of decimal bit rate measurements. The same or different? I studied Computer Science so assumed it was all binary until to my horror I saw ISPs using decimal, i.e. 1000...
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    Speedtest to syslog

    I hacked this: I don't know if its the most optimal code but it works. My next attempt is trying to do it in Windoze...
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    Reverse ssh tunnel and snmpd + proxy

    I use a reverse ssh with: /usr/bin/autossh -M 0 -o "ServerAliveInterval 30" -o "ServerAliveCountMax 3" -o "PubkeyAuthentication=yes" -o "PasswordAuthentication=no" -i /home/amastelek/.ssh/id_rsa -R 42067:localhost:42067 -N -q user@ & On the vpn server I have this in snmpd.conf: proxy -Cn 157S -v...
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    PCIe riser

    In local source for this in South Africa?
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    New botnet exploiting Realtek based routers!

    Lekka man lekka
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    The poor state of security with Investec as an example

    All banks have their heads up their asses. @Jan So I received this: This is from Investec who: - have not applied a dmarc policy - have not implemented DNSSEC All the banks in South Africa are in the same pathetic state. They care fokol.
  11. r00igev@@r name resolution

    I have had to statically define the DNS for as it just stops resolving for no damn reason. Anyone else encounter this? I'm using and
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    Building an ISP - lekker chat - have a listen
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    Windows server 2019 iso download link is vrot

    Anyone having any luck with the Windows Standard 2019 iso download link. Keep getting a 404 from the link on the eval centre!
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    Best hypervisor for routers

    I'm struggling to find a hypervisor that doesn't suck golf balls running an x86 router. Bare Metal works great but the drop in performance to virtual is dramatic. Any good ideas??? I've tried cockpit-machines and xcp-ng.
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    HP G7 DL380

    It is years since I did server stuff. How to update a second hand HP DL380 to the latest BIOS when you have Debian Buster as the OS. Just figured out how to update the ilo3 and use the windows remote console as the browser ones are kaput. Any ideas?
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    Pi 400

    Anyone given this one a spin yet?
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    Useless things to do on a Sunday

    Here we go:
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    VPNs on Samsung

    I don't have a samsung handy but does it support ikev2 eap out the box?
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    ISPS and monitoring...

    I said I'd do this one: Flame on.:popcorn:
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    FNB Notifications

    So FNB send those notifications Non-TLS. Secure - my ass in a sardine tin!