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  1. hj2k_x

    Vodacom Black Friday 2020 deals

    I have an upgrade burning a hole in my pocket. Anyone hear anything about Black Friday specials worth waiting for this year?
  2. hj2k_x

    Nedbank Avo - any good?

    I couldn't find a thread about this. Has anyone tried it? I see it's now affiliated with OneCart which is promising... I've just downloaded the app and made a wallet. Looks good so far.
  3. hj2k_x

    (sale) Nokia 8 Sirocco

    Item: Nokia 8 Sirocco (black) Age: 22 months Condition: excellent. No scratches or damage. See the pics. Only the hard plastic shell/cover with which it came is missing. I can find the original charger if anyone wants that. I have the USB-C earphones with which it shipped Warranty: last bit of...
  4. hj2k_x

    Which pool pump to choose?

    Moved into a house with a roughly 40-50k pool in it. The pool pump (a 0.75kw one, attached to a sand filter) has been getting progressively louder for the past weeks. Now, it has stopped working altogether. It makes a humming noise and then just dies completely. We've had loadshedding but the...
  5. hj2k_x

    (sale) Cast iron built-in fireplace

    Item: cast iron built-in fireplace Age: unknown, but pretty old Condition: great Reason: installed a free-standing fireplace in its place Price: R3500 Collection: collection only (it's heavy) Location: Milnerton, Cape Town Message me for more info :)
  6. hj2k_x

    PowerBank with AC outlet?

    Are there things like this available locally Basically a large PowerBank / battery, which has the ability to plug a normal two prong or three prong plug into it? Why would I want such a thing? Many reasons. Mostly because my mesh wifi pods, of which there are many, run directly off their own...
  7. hj2k_x

    Which steam mop to buy?

    Looking for a steam mop to use to deep clean tiles and wooden floors (of which we have many). Is this one any good: Considered this fancy-looking Karcher: but from the review, it seems LOUD. Not keen for that...
  8. hj2k_x

    Which infrared heater to buy?

    We currently heat our bedroom with an oil fin heater. It does the job but it really dries the air (as you'd expect) so we often wake up sinusy and generally warm, but uncomfortable. Previously, we've tried wall panel heaters but I've found them to use more electricity than promised (like...
  9. hj2k_x

    How to snap mouse pointer across multiple screens?

    If you have multiple screens and want to snap your mouse pointer to a screen with a shortcut key (rather than scrolling over to it, which can take a while if you have a lot of pixels to cover) is there a reliable way to do this in Windows 10? Google has not been forthcoming...
  10. hj2k_x

    Garden refuse removal Cape Town?

    Our garden generates a fair bit of waste (leaves, branches etc), also from the trees and bushes on the pavement. Are there any services in Cape Town which come and collect garden waste on a weekly or every second week basis for a reasonable fee? So far we've only been able to stockpile the...
  11. hj2k_x

    Any good fibre ISPs in Milnerton, Cape Town?

    Assistance needed. Supersonic have been giving me the runaround in relation to installing a second fibre line on our property (Milnerton, Cape Town). I've been waiting a month and now they tell me it will be at least another 14 working days before someone confirms an installation date (with...
  12. hj2k_x

    [FREE] Large Wendy House

    Item: large, free-standing, wooden Wendy House Age: unknown Condition: good Dimensions: 2.7m high at the peak of the roof 2.4m wide 6.4m long Description: it is a large, sturdy thing. It has two separate doors from the outside. Inside, there are two separate "rooms", one large one with a...
  13. hj2k_x

    Wendy House removal options?

    We have a large Wendy house (see photo) which we would like to no longer have. In order of preference: 1 - would anyone pay to come and remove it? 2 - would anyone come and remove it for free (maybe a charity?) 3 - what would it cost to pay someone to come and remove it? Inside, there are...
  14. hj2k_x

    Are new ovens the same size as old ovens?

    Might seem a daft question but the house into which we've moved has an OLD Defy Double door oven (in the photo) which has now expired and needs to be replaced. Does anyone know for sure whether a new similar Defy oven would fit into the (presumably custom) recess? Something like this...
  15. hj2k_x

    Help me find the right mesh wifi solution

    Good people, I'm hoping someone can assist with a mesh wifi issue I'm having. Trying to stretch the wifi signal in our house from downstairs (where it is strong) to upstairs (where it is intermittent / non existent) is proving difficult. I have tried the cheapest mesh wifi solution. These pods...
  16. hj2k_x

    Help me choose monitors for my office

    Yes, another one of those threads... [emoji15] So my current setup at the office is three Samsung T260s, in all of their 25.5" 16x10 glory. I really love these screens, but at home where I work quite a lot I have only a tiny laptop from which to work. So I need to get a screen or two for a home...
  17. hj2k_x

    Tatapalk Kin

    Anyone get this message with the new Tapatalk update? What's it all about? Free stuff at some stage? [emoji3]
  18. hj2k_x

    Strange porting issue Vodacom to Telkom

    So previously I had successfully ported two Vodacom prepaid numbers to Telkom just by using the SMS method they have on the Telkom website. Months later and both ported SIMs are working fine. This week I tried another Vodacom prepaid number to port to Telkom. The port worked in that the...
  19. hj2k_x

    Home composting (bokashi) Q&A

    So for now, I have more Q's than A's... Been trying to get into home composting and following this guide here: I've done the first part and made the buckets and have been adding kitchen scraps for the last few weeks and adding bokashi...
  20. hj2k_x

    Whatever happened to Rollerball inline skates??

    Like the ones pictured. I remember infomercials from the late 90s for these things. They looked so cool and I always wanted to try them out but never did. Anyone still have any? Any good?