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  1. Itsa Trap

    Increase in unsolicited calls from VoIP

    Is it just me or have these calls now increased since the POPIA act? I am now continuously called every day, once a day from numbers identified by shouldianswer as VoIP. I don't answer them as I recently also received a Whatsapp to come get me some inheritance money. Is there no ****ing way...
  2. Itsa Trap

    POPI Act

    Hi guys The POPI Act and compliance to the act, is this for any and all businesses to comply with? For example would you need to comply to the act if you have general contact details of your clients but basically only to phone them during the normal course of business? Thanks for taking the...
  3. Itsa Trap

    License discs

    Hi Guys Hoping this is in the correct place? Is the 20 days of grace for expired license discs still a thing? Thanks.
  4. Itsa Trap

    Unrequested OTP and Phishing scam

    Hi, not sure if this is the best place to put this, but it is re my MTN mobile contract, that I recently upgraded: Basically got phishing mails (initial links are not even to MTN website, and then goes to, I did request an OTP on the fake website, with no intention of even entering...